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Chris Kamara Outlines The Battle With Speech Apraxia And Struggles Within

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Chris Kamara has called the response from the general public to his diagnosis of speech apraxia "amazing," but he claims that physicians are unable to predict whether he would improve over time.

During Soccer Saturday last weekend, the 64-year-old former footballer and Sky Sports commentator appeared to slur his words, causing viewers to message him on social media.

Later, he explained in a tweet that he had a thyroid condition and had also developed a speech impairment.

The former athlete thanked friends and family for their support during an appearance on Good Morning Britain, adding that he was getting treatment from a speech therapist to try to cure the problem.  

What Is Wrong With Chris Kamara Speech?

Chris Kamara, a former football player for Leeds United and Bradford City, has disclosed that he offered to leave his new ITV program due to recent health concerns. Chris recently revealed that he has apraxia of speech, which has caused him to take a break from Sky Sports and leave on Saturday after more than 20 years on the program.

Kamara also said he wanted to leave his most recent ITV program, The Games, but TV executives persuaded him to stay. At the show's premiere, Chris addressed his decision to leave and thanked the ITV staff for pleading with him to stay.

The former footballer said that, in regards to his speech and his progress, some days can be slow but other days can be normal (
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He will collaborate with veteran pundit Simon Brotherton. When he first started his broadcasting career in the late 1990s, they collaborated on BBC Radio 5 Live.

After fans realized Kamara was slurring his words on TV last month, he later stated that his neurological ailment made it difficult for him to speak. Speech apraxia results from improper communication owing to brain injury.

Chris Kamara's Illness - Apraxia of speech

Apraxia is described as "difficulty in carrying out planned movements" by the NHS's Speech and Language Therapy Department. According to this explanation, someone who has apraxia may be able to make automatic motions like yawning but not planned ones like opening their lips when prompted.

After viewers became alarmed about the 64-year-old appearing to stutter his words during an appearance on Soccer Saturday, the presenter and former footballer Chris Kamara admitted on Twitter that he had "apraxia of speech" in March.

The article continues that speaking requires a complicated set of muscle movement patterns, and apraxia of speech is assumed to be brought on by a malfunction in the brain region in charge of organizing these movements.

Chris Kamara, a broadcaster for Sky Sports for 24 years, will depart the company after the conclusion of the football season in 2021/22.

What Happened To Chris Kamara According To His Twitter?

Following his appearance on Soccer Saturday, the Sky Sports broadcaster raised questions from fans online because it appeared that he slurred his words on camera.

He just wanted to let a handful of you who tweeted today know that I'm doing okay, Kamara wrote. Along with my thyroid condition, I also have apraxia of speech, and I've been trying to get it under control.

It can be a touch slow on some days, but on other days it's just typical. I hope I can defeat this! After being tweeted on Saturday, March 19, his initial tweet has received over 160k likes, 2,500 retweets, and 500 quote tweets.

Many others, including current and former athletes like Viv Anderson, Steph Houghton, and Robert Snodgrass, sent their support and encouragement to Kamara.

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