Who Is Cristina Cubero From El Chiringuito? 5 Facts On The Journalist

Cristina Cubero returns El chiringuito after five years
Cristina Cubero returns El chiringuito after five years( Source : catalunyadiari )

Cristina Cubero is a Spanish sports journalist. She is making rounds on the internet after recently coming to the show El chiringuito. 

The reporter leaves the sports show abruptly and returns after more than five years. In February 2017, Cubero left the live stream of El chiringuito slamming the door making the audience gaze at her for a while.

After reviewing the referee's action in the Villareal-Real Madrid match in 2017, Cristina Cubero, a journalist for "Mundo Deportivo" and a collaborator to the Atresmedia platform, confronts her boss Josep Pedrerol.

Later in March 2017, with disloyalty, Cristina Cubero declared her rift with Pedrerol. When signing for the Manolo Lama program in Gol, the journalist jabbed the "El Chiringuito" host.

Who Is Cristina Cubero From El Chiringuito? Periodista Biografia And Wikipedia

Cristina Cubero is a Spanish-born journalist and news reporter. "Periodista y Madre a tiempo total," she has written in her Instagram bio, which translates to journalist and full-time mother sumps up who is Cristina.

Cubero got the opportunity to cover athletic events while working as a journalist. She was honored to report on several renowned sporting events, including six World Cups, six Olympic Games, the European Championships, the Champions League, and the Copa America games.

After an intense conversation with the host Josep Pedrerol live on air, she terminated collaboration on the show El chiringuito de Jugones in 2017. When Cristina walked out of "El chiringuito de Jugones," she said she would never return since the chauffeur, Josep Pedredol, had used her.

Cristina Cubero is a Spanish sports journalist
Cristina Cubero is a Spanish sports journalist ( Source : lavanguardia )

Then the journalist began working at "El Golazo." However, Cubero caused controversy when she first appeared on the program because she made several sexual disclosures that had no bearing on the program's purpose.

Moreover, she also serves as a blog writer on the website for Mundo Deportivo. Cubero covers a variety of serious and lighthearted subjects throughout it. Again, for the newspaper, she acted as director of external relations.

Cristina Cubero Age, When Was She Born?

Cristina Cubero was born on September 20, 1968, in the heart of Spain, Barcelona. Her present age is 53, and she will soon turn 54 a few weeks from now, on September 20.

However, she has never posted any pictures of her birthday parties online or had anybody else make a birthday reference to her. She likes to keep things calm and uncomplicated as a result.

Cubero worked on the TV2 show El Rondo for 14 years. Later, she contributed to the films La Sexta en Minuto & Result, and Punto Pelota. She also appeared in the 2021 movie "Ronaldinho, el Mago fugaz," the story based on a football magician Brazillian Ronaldinho.

At 29, during her travel to Saudi Arabia in 1997 to cover a sporting event, Cubero encountered a terrible incident that she divulged in 2015 on the show "El chiringuito."

She was the first woman to play soccer, and she later said that various princes had repeatedly asked to purchase her so they could use her as an enslaved person. When she informed them she wasn't for sale; they responded that Cubero was worth less than a dog since she was old and worn.

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Cristina Cubero Is El Chiringuito New Signing, Back Home After Five Years

At El Chiringuito, Cristina Cubero is the first new signing of the year. The sports correspondent rejoins "El chiringuito," the show she left following an infamous live door smash.

The crowd responded with joy and happiness to the most awaited news as the Catalan journalist, who had been away from the set for more than five years, returned.

This past Monday, host Josep Pedrerol revealed his unexpected signing was Cristina Cubero, a well-known sports journalist who had been a member of the Catalan squad for five years.

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