Curtis Lovelace Murder Story Update 2022- Where Is He Today?

Curtis Lovelace, an ex-prosecutor, was found not guilty in a retrial for allegedly killing his wife, Cory Lovelace. Everything you need to know about the 2022 update to his murder story. Find all of the information listed here.

Curtis Lovelace is a former University of Illinois football player. He is well-recognized as an Illinois state prosecutor. He has also served on a school board, taught college courses, and broadcasted high school sports.

He is also known as the murderer of his first wife. On February 14, 2006, his wife, Cory Didrikson, was found dead. 

In February 2016, his first trial for first-degree murder ended in a hung jury. However, a jury in Springfield, Illinois, found him not guilty. At his second trial, Curtis had a defense team supported by the "University of Chicago Exoneration Project's resources."

Curtis Lovelace Murder Story Update 2022

Cory Lovelace, Curtis Lovelace's wife, was found dead on Valentine's Day 2006 in Quincy, Illinois. And Curtis was charged with murder twice. The first trial, in 2014, resulted in a jury deadlock & the second trial resulted in an acquittal.

Curtis claims Cory was unwell with the flu in the days leading up to her death. He claims that he and his wife both misused alcohol and that their marriage was difficult. In this interview, Cory struggled with an eating issue. Cory had fatty liver disease, which may be lethal in its consequences.

Cory died of suffocation, according to pathology testing on her charred remains and photographic evidence.

His first trial for first-degree murder resulted in a hung jury in 'February 2016.' Lovelace was found not guilty by a jury in Springfield, Illinois.

Curtis had a new defense team for his second trial, this time aided by the resources of the University of Chicago Exoneration Project.

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Curtis Lovelace's Wife Cory Lovelace & Daughter 

Curtis Lovelace's wife, Cory Lovelace, was a college graduate who stayed at home with their four children. The pair tied a knot in January 1991. Unfortunately, she passed away on Valentine's Day.

Curtis has been married twice. His recent wife is Christine, a high school sweetheart.

Lyndsay Lovelace is now well acknowledged as Curtis Lovelace's daughter. She was Cory and Curtis' firstborn child.

Lyndsay and her father had a major falling out that had nothing to do with Cory's death, but she will never get even with him.

Where Is Curtis Lovelace Today?

Cory Lovelace has been out of the spotlight since his murder case, so no one knows where he is today.

He is a proficient criminal defense attorney. When Curtis was found not guilty of his wife's murder, he made it his mission to help the wrongfully accused.

Curtis filed a federal civil rights lawsuit, alleging he was wrongfully convicted.

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