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Denzel Dumfries Parents Boris And Marleen Dumfries Live In Netherlands

Denzel Dumfries mother and father live in Rotterdam, Netherlands.
Denzel Dumfries mother and father live in Rotterdam, Netherlands.( Source : imgur )

Denzel Dumfries parents Marleen Dumfries and Boris Dumfries are from Aruba and Suriname. Denzel is the first son in the family.

Denzel was born on the 18th of April 1996 and is 26 years old. He has fond recollections of growing up with his older sister Demelza, younger sister Danielle, and younger brother Donovan. He is half Surinamese and half Arubian.

Dumfries grew up in the Dutch village of Rhoon, which is near Rotterdam. His father was born in Aruba, a 20-mile-long Caribbean island off the coast of South America, where he acquired the last name Dumfries. He relocated to the Netherlands and met Marleen.

Denzel Dumfries Parents Boris And Marleen

Denzel Dumfries parents Marleen Dumfries and Boris Dumfries have been married for three decades.

Denzel's father is a leader at Prokino Care and his mother works at Four Oxalis. They live in the Netherlands in a village located in Rotterdam.

After marrying each other, Marleen and Boris gave birth to four kids, Demelza, Denzel, Daniëlle, and Donovan Dumfries. His whole family traveled to Suriname in July 2016 from Schiphol, Noord-Holland, Netherlands.

Demelza is the youngest of their four kids and is a married woman with a child. She welcomed her kid on November 13, 2017.

Denzel's sister Demelza Croin-Dumfries married her husband Daiman Croïn on September 30, 2017. They have been lawfully wedded for five years. The two went to their father's homeland of Aruba in 2018. Her husband is a Marvel addict and they spend most of their time in theatres.

Denzel Dumfries comes from a comfortable middle-class family.
Denzel Dumfries comes from a comfortable middle-class family. ( Source : imgur )

His mom and dad are from a middle-class family. To put food on the table, they used to be the busy sort that was very efficient with the time they spent at home with the kids. Because of how demanding their occupations were back then, staying at home was not always an option.

The two did not bring up Denzel and his siblings in a traditional Dutch manner. They were raised to be accepting of both their cultures and curious about their ancestry and ethnicity.

His father used to play soccer as a young boy for fun. He never played professionally. When Boris would race back to the family home every evening from school, he always had a ball at his foot.

Marleen And Boris Dumfries Were Born In Two Different Countries

Denzel Dumfries is of mixed ethnicity as his mother and father come from two different nations. 

His mom Marleen Dumfries was born in Suriname on April 25, 1967, and is 55 years old. She hails from Paramaribo, the country's capital. 

Denzel's father is from Oranjestad, Aruba, and lived in Rhoon, Netherlands, for a while with his family. Boris went to La Salle College High School and learned coaching leadership at Yearth Academy.

He graduated from Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, where he mastered Change management. Marleen graduated from the Business School Netherlands in 2016 and has been working as a freelancer at Four Oxalis since March 2019.

 A lovely childhood photo of Denzel Dumfries and his siblings Daniëlle, Donovan and Demelza.
A lovely childhood photo of Denzel Dumfries and his siblings Daniëlle, Donovan and Demelza. ( Source : imgur )

Though all four of their kids were born in Netherlands, his family has visited both Aruba and Suriname to connect with their origin. When they made the decision to live in Aruba, his father left first to make preparations for their arrival.

Denzel was overjoyed that his family decided to visit him in his own country.

According to his sister Demelza, the Dutch child was a restless kind who always came up with new ideas. She gave Denzel the boyhood moniker Pietje Bell—a character from an adventure movie—because of his restlessness.

Denzel Dumfries Mother Thought He Had ADHD

Denzel Dumfries mother thought he had ADHD and took him to the hospital to get a diagnosis.

Marleen took him to the hospital after he started displaying unconventional and strange behavior. She believed Denzel had attention deficit hyperactivity disorder based on her research.

After explaining the symptoms, the two left and went to the waiting area to receive test results. The mother and the son were baffled after reading the paper's content. He did not have an ADHD diagnosis. His mom's research was for naught.

Since then, his family has accepted him exactly as he is, hoping that he will change as he gets older.