Did Try Guys Ned Fulmer Cheated? Alex Food Babies SubReddit Drama Explained

Ned Fulmer from The Try Guys in Las Vegas ( Source : instagram )

Try Guys' Ned Fulmer has allegedly cheated on his wife. As per a Twitter source, he got on with one of the Try Guys crew. The theory is that the Try Guys have abandoned him in recent videos. However, all of this is just a rumor for now. 

Fulmer has been involved with the Try Guys since the group's inception in 2014 when they were called BuzzFeed. For the last nine seasons, he has been an active show member. 

And now, he is absent from some of the videos of The Try Guys. People think that it has everything to do with his ongoing cheating allegations. 

Quick Facts on Ned Fulmer

NameNed Fulmer
BirthdayJune 11
Relationship StatusMarried
SpouseAriel Fulmer
SonWesley and Finley

Ned Fulmer Allegedly Cheated On His Wife

Ned Fulmer's cheating allegations are all over social media. 

"This is so random, but word on the street is that ned from the try guys cheated on his wife, and they’re cutting him out of all their videos n stuff, and I’m actually shocked ???" a user wrote on Twitter. 

In addition, rumors are saying that the woman he allegedly cheated with is a staff or employee at The Try Guys. However, these are all allegations for the time being. The social media influencer hasn't made any comments on them. 

But looking at the Try Guys' recent videos, he is omitted from many videos, and people wonder if there's anything to do about his cheating allegations. It seems like it does. We haven't had the pleasure of talking to any other Try Guys member either. 

It will be a matter of time until Fulmer addresses the rumors and answers the question we all have been asking. 

Try Guys Ned Palmer Cheating Allegations on Twitter
Try Guys Ned Palmer Cheating Allegations on Twitter ( Source : mobile )

Try Guys Alexa Food Babies Subreddit Drama: Who Is She?

A name, Alexa Food Babies, has been associated with Ned's cheating allegations on several subreddit groups. 

After our internet research, we have found that Alexa Food Babies is Alexandria Herring. She works for The Try Guys as the associate producer. Many claimed that Ned cheated with staff, and her name allegedly came forward. 

However, she hasn't many any comments on the topic either. The accused was believed to be engaged just recently. She was soon to tie the knot with her fiance, but he has reportedly called off the wedding. Her fiance also allegedly deleted their photos from his Instagram profile. 

Alexa has been with the Try Guys for some time. She is an associate producer of the show Food Babies. It is just a rumor that she is the one Ned cheated with. Nothing is known for sure yet. 

Alexa Food Babies, Alexandria Herring is also associated with The Try Guys
Alexa Food Babies, Alexandria Herring is also associated with The Try Guys ( Source : instagram )

Ned Fulmer Wife And Children: Everything on his Family

Ned Fulmer is a married man with a wife and two children.

His longtime partner, Ariel Fulmer, has been a part of this Try Guys journey. They have been married for several years now. The couple also shares two wonderful children and a dog named Bean. 

The couple welcomed their first son, Wesley, in April 2018. Again, in November 2020, their second son, Finley, was born. Ned is often spotted with his family on vacations and holidays. The family lives in Los Angeles. 

The influencer's Instagram is full of pictures of his wife during their vacations. It seems unbelievable that he cheated on his wife, but he allegedly did. We haven't heard anything from his wife either. As his cheating rumor is trending on Twitter, his wife surely must have heard it already. 

Ned Fulmer shared photos of his wife, Ariel and their two children on mother's day
Ned Fulmer shared photos of his wife, Ariel and their two children on mother's day ( Source : instagram )

Try Guys Ned Fulmer Age and Net Worth 2022

Try Guys Ned Fulmer is currently 35 years of age. 

Moreover, he was born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida. The Youtube star celebrates his birthday on June 5 with her friends and family. He is a Gemini by the zodiac sign. 

Furthermore, Ned Fulmer has an extraordinary net worth, which is expected to be over $10 million. As reported by Sportskeeda, the founding members of Try Guys have at least $10 million in net worth in 2022. 

The Youtube channel now has almost 8 million subscribers on Youtube, Their show, The Try Guys, has amassed over a billion views throughout nine seasons. It is one of the most watched shows on Youtube. 

Besides, Ned and his wife, Ariel, also have their podcast called Baby Steps. In the podcast, they share their parenting experience as a couple. 

Ned Fulmer and his wife, Ariel during a vacation
Ned Fulmer and his wife, Ariel during a vacation ( Source : instagram )

Is Ned Fulmer Out of The Try Guys?

Several Reddit posts claim that Ned Fulmer is no longer a member of the Try Guys. 

But it isn't true. As his cheating allegations are just speculation, we can't be sure if he has been taken off the comedy series. After all, Ned is one of the founding members of the show and the Youtube channel. 

However, recent news has made it more likely that he cheated on his wife. Fans believe it to be the reason behind his omission in the recent Try Guys episodes. But we are still awaiting the official confirmation.

As Ned also has a podcast with his wife, we can't see how he will continue it if the cheating allegations are true. 

Some FAQs

Did Ned Fulmer cheat on his wife?

Rumors say that Ned Fulmer cheated on his wife. They have been together for more than a decade and share two children.

Who did Ned Fulmer have an affair with?

Ned Fulmer allegedly had an affair with one of the Try Guys employee, Alexandria Herring. She is an associate producer of Food Babies.

Is Is Ned Fulmer rich?

Ned Fulmer has a net worth of over $10 million. He is considered the richest Try Guys by many.

Will Ned Fulmer leave Try Guys?

Ned Fulmer hasn't appeared in the last few Try Guys episodes. He hasn't announced that he will leave the show.

Does Ned Fulmer have a podcast?

Yes. He has a podcast called Baby Steps. He and his wife, Ariel run the podcast.