Greg Mcelroy Net Worth of $2 Million and Salary Breakdown

Former NFL player Greg McElroy
Former NFL player Greg McElroy( Source : al )

A former NFL player Greg Mcelroy has a net worth of $2 million, with a lavish lifestyle and fortunes. 

An American football commentator Greg Mcelroy has currently taken over the public attention. After retirement from his NFL career, he started serving for ESPN's SEC Network. He worked as a college football analyst and hosted Thinking Out Loud, which quickly rose to media fame. 

Later, in 2021, Mcelroy was named as a co-host for the WJOX's morning show, along with former college football player Cole Cubelic. It is a sports talk radio station based in Birmingham, Alabama. He was active in the NFL for years before he announced his retirement in 2013. 

The New York Jets drafted him in 2011 in the quarterback position. He served the team for a year, then joined the Cincinnati Bengals, and in the next year, he announced his retirement. Prior to that, he won several awards, including EA Sports All-American and Texas 5A state championship. He had a booming junior career where he led his Crimson Tide team to the BCS National Championship and 2009 SEC Championship. 

Having an accomplished career, he must have earned a fortune throughout his life. Moreover, he is a famous player, and a media personality, with a flourishing career. His followers are well-familiar with his career achievements. However, here, let's hear more about his earnings from his successful life. 

Date of Birth10 May 1988
Age34 years old
HometownLos Angeles, California, US
Height6ft 2 inches
Net WorthApprox. $2 million

Greg Mcelroy Has A Net Worth of $2 Million

Greg Mcelroy estimated net worth is approximately $2 million. He is a former NFL player who previously played for New York Jets and Cincinnati Bengals as a quarterback. He is now a renowned American football commentator. 

In July 2021, Greg mentioned that they settled in Birmingham four years ago. Moreover, he was in love with the community and its people. He is living a comfortable life with his family in the city while having an accomplished career. 

Although he is known for being quite a private person, his successful lifestyle clearly reflects his living style. He started playing in his junior years and continued to pursue his career, making himself a name in the field. 

Greg had made most of his income as a former football player and has added more to his earnings from his sports media career. Besides, he might also have invested in several estates and stocks, considering his fame and fortune. 

Greg Mcelroy as a broadcaster
Greg Mcelroy as a broadcaster ( Source : tuscaloosanews )

Salary Details On Former NFL Greg Mcelroy

Greg Mcelroy is currently serving ESPN as an American football commentator. Over the years, he has earned from different sources; however, his salary only seems to rise within the year. 

He retired in 2014 from his NFL career and soon started his work in the media. Greg started playing football in high school under the head coach Todd Dodge. In no time, he caught the followers' attention while he was in his sophomore and junior seasons. 

When he moved to his college career, Greg received a full scholarship from football schools and ultimately committed to Texas Tech. By the time he completed his graduation in Business Marketing, he had already started earning income. 

His salary can be breakdown into kinds, his earnings from NFL and the income after his NFL career. 

Greg Mcelroy Salary As A NFL Quarterback 

Greg Mcelroy played for New York Jets from 2011 to 2012, then went to serve Cincinnati Bengals in 2013. Later in 2014, he retired from his football career. 

While New York Jets drafted him in 2011, his expected salary at the time was roughly over $370,000, while in 2012, his earnings hiked to approximately $390,000. He had signed the four-year contract with the Jets on 29 July 2011 and made his debut against the Houston Texans. Regardless, he suffered from an injury, getting released from the team in designation on 31 August 2013.

He was only with Cincinnati for the amount of time. Mcelroy signed with the team on 1 September 2013 and retired from the NFL on 21 March 2014. Greg is known to have earned around $830,000 solely from his NFL career. 

Greg Mcelroy as a QB player
Greg Mcelroy as a QB player ( Source : espnfrontrow )

Greg Mcelroy Salary After NFL 

After retiring from NFL, Greg Mcelroy joined the broadcasting career in ESPN. He started serving ESPN's SEC Network as a college football analyst. 

He has been working with the channel for almost a decade, earning himself plenty. Greg's salary in his broadcasting career is roughly around $100,000 per year. Starting his new journey in 2014, he called out the games from the conferences in 2016. 

Further, in 2017, he hosted the program Thinking Out Loud during the 2017 College Football season beginning on the SEC Network. Later in 2021, Greg was hired as a co-host with Cole Cubelic for the morning show WJOX, a sports-related talk radio station. 

ESPN analyst Greg Mcelroy
ESPN analyst Greg Mcelroy ( Source : sportingnews )

Meet Greg Mcelroy Wife Meredith Gray 

Greg Mcelroy has long been married to his wife, Meredith Gray. The pair have been inseparable since 2010, and their bonding only seems to be getting stronger every day. 

After dating each other for four years, Greg and his then-girlfriend Meredith engaged. However, as they love to keep their personal life secretive, they kept the good news quite low for a while. 

They had their engagement in 2014, which was shared in Twitter, receiving several congratulations. After getting engaged for a year, Mcelroy and Gray finally took a step and tied a knot with each other on 21 February 2015. 

They had their beautiful wedding ceremony in the presence of their close ones and family members in Arlington Hall in Lee Park. The pair seems to be happily married. 

Aside from all that, Meredith is living away from the media light while supporting her family. As per her Twitter account, she was born to her parents, Scott and Phyllis, and grew up with her two siblings in the family. She pursued her education at Creighton University School of Pharmacy and completed her study as a student of Chemistry. 

Greg and Meredith met each other more than a decade ago. They are known as one of the most loved couples among their followers. Despite keeping their love life private, the pair have still won several hearts, with their sweetness. 

Greg Mcelroy with his wife Meredith Gray
Greg Mcelroy with his wife Meredith Gray ( Source : dweddings )

Does Greg Mcelroy Have Children?

Greg Mcelroy has built a family with his wife, Meredith Gray. However, did they have any children; the query has intrigued his followers. They have been married to each other for a long time and share a son. 

Greg welcomed his first child, Gregory Vincent McElroy III, in January 2019. Their son was the first step of them toward parenthood. For now, they have kept their baby away from public exposure. Considering the date of birth, their little son might be three years of age in 2022. 

Back in mid-2019, he uploaded a picture of a newborn with his father with the caption, "Happy Father's Day from all three GVMs!" Further, Greg has shared quite a few pictures of his son on his Instagram account. One of the pictures was his son watching Santa, and Mcelroy was amazed by his child's reaction, which he expressed in the caption, "My son's mind was blown today. Daddy, Santa big as a house."

The father and son seem to have a great bonding at the moment. Meanwhile, Greg and his wife love their child unconditionally and are adoring his growth for now. 

Greg Mcelroy with his dad and baby
Greg Mcelroy with his dad and baby ( Source : instagram )

Who Are Greg Mcelroy Family?

Greg Mcelroy was born on 10 May 1988 in Los Angeles, California, US, to his parents, Greg and Jami Mcelroy. He grew up in his hometown with his family, who stayed with him through his thick and thin. 

Aside from that, he is also close to his sibling brother, Blair Mcelroy, with whom he had wonderful childhood memories. When Greg was ten years of age, his father started serving Dallas Cowboys. Then the family had to move to Southlake, Texas. Growing up, he attended Carroll Senior High School and started playing football. 

Former QB Greg Mcelroy on field
Former QB Greg Mcelroy on field ( Source : bleacherreport )

Regardless, his father has always been the one, who helped him to pursue his career in American football. Even during his time in the NFL, his dad had always encouraged and cheered for him in the matches. 

Some FAQs

When Did Greg Mcelroy Got Drafted?

Greg Mcelroy was drafted in 2011 by New York Jets.

When Did Greg Mcelroy Retired?

Greg Mcelroy retired in 2014.

Which Team Did Greg Mcelroy played For?

Greg Mcelroy played for team New York Jets and Cincinnati Bengals

How Much Is Greg Mcelroy Net Worth?

Greg Mcelroy estimated net worth is roughly $2 million.