Who Is Hedley Thomas Wife? Inside Journalist's Married Life With Ruth Mathewson

Hedley Thomas
Hedley Thomas ( Source : theguardian )

Hedley Thomas and his wife have built a beautiful and healthy family together, with strong bonding. 

An Australian investigative journalist Hedley Thomas is mainly notable for his work in the podcast "The Teacher's Pet" and "Sick to Death." Throughout the years, he has won seven Walkley awards, of which two were Gold. 

He recently came to light after Chris Dawson was found guilty of Lynette's murder. The journalist investigated the murder story in "The Teacher's Pet," leading to a re-investigation of the murder case. 

With Dawson found guilty of killing his first wife, the journalist left his comment outside the court. The whole thing has picked more public interest in his lifestyle. 

Who Is Hedley Thomas Wife Ruth Mathewson? 

Journalist Hedley Thomas is married to his wife, Ruth Mathewson. The couple shares a beautiful bond in their personal and professional life. 

After returning with the Courier to Brisbane in 1991, Thomas met his future wife, Ruth Mathewson, in late 1992. It was a Christmas party, and the couple had their lovely beginning and soon fell in love. 

Ruth is also a journalist with loads of notable works. After seeing each other for a month, she said to him, "It's been great, but I am off to Hong Kong for a job."

The journalist then went to Hong Kong in 1993 and stayed there for six years. He further opens up

"Initially, it was at The Hong Kong Standard, but six months later, David Armstrong conducted a lightning strike on the Standard from the bigger South China Morning Post, picking up four reporters."

"I was lucky to be there when that sort of competition for staff was happening."

He is now married to Mathewson and shares a wonderful family with her. Besides getting known as Thomas' partner, she has made her own name in journalism. 

Following her LinkedIn, she completed her journalism degree at the University of Southern Queensland in 1987. 

Hedley Thomas
Hedley Thomas ( Source : twitter )

Inside Journalist Hedley Thomas Married Life 

Regardless of his popularity, journalist Hedley Thomas has lived a low profile, coming to his married life. He has tied a knot with his beloved wife, Ruth Mathewson, and lives in Brisbane. 

The couple has been married for a long time and shares two children, reportedly named Sarah and Alexander, in their family. Thomas and his wife prefer to live a private life, away from the public. 

He and his family previously became the victims of a death threat and a drive-by shooting in 2002, which might also be one of the reasons why the journalist lived a low-profile life. 

However, after 2002, there are no records of death threats on his family. Either way, he seems to be having a great time with his loved ones and appears to be happily married.

Hedley Thomas
Hedley Thomas ( Source : mediaweek )

Who Are Hedley Thomas Family?

Hedley Thomas was born to his parents, Diana and Hedley Robert Thomas, in the family. He grew up with his father, a former Australian Air Force pilot. 

Growing up in a loving family, his parents have always supported him and his career. After high school life, he soon jumped into his career as a newspaper copy boy, serving the Gold Coast Bulletin.  

He now has built his own family with his wife and children, living together peacefully. 

Hedley Thomas
Hedley Thomas ( Source : theaustralian )

Hedley Thomas Net Worth & Salary As An Award-Winning Journalist

Hedley Thomas estimated net worth is approximately more than $1 million. He is an award-winning investigative journalist and author who has earned fame through the podcast "The Teacher's Pet" and "Sick to Death."

He has not opened up about his salary yet. However, an average Australian journalist makes $80,000 per year. 

As he is a veteran, award-winning, and well-famed journalist, he must have higher earnings than average.