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How Old Is Milaya Cleary? Nathan Cleary Sister Age and Birthday

Milaya Cleary is the younger sister of NRL star Nathan Cleary
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Nathan Cleary, an Australian professional rugby halfback, has two younger sisters, Indi Cleary and Milaya Cleary. 

Aside from that, he also has a younger brother named Jett Cleary, a junior rugby player. He currently represents the Perth Panthers, based in the western Sydney suburb of Penrith. All three men in the family, Nathan's father, a former professional player, himself, and his younger sibling, have now been involved in rugby.

Hence, there is no doubt Nathan grew up playing rugby and football. Besides, he played soccer with the Auckland Mount Albert Lions when he was young. Additionally, in Sydney, he was a member of the Penrith Brothers.

Cleary began playing professionally in 2016, and since then, he has been a member of his father's coaching staff with the Penrith Panthers. Nathan competed for City Origin and New South Wales in the State Origin Series.

Milaya Cleary brother Nathan Cleary plays for the Penrith Panthers
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How Old Is Milaya Cleary? Nathan Cleary Sister Age and Birthday

Milaya Cleary is the younger sister of Nathan Cleary. She is pretty young in age but not the youngest in the family.

Jett Cleary is the youngest person in the family. Among Nathan's three siblings, Indi Cleary is the eldest one. She was born on January 28, 1999, in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, and her current age is 23. She is a year younger than her brother Nathan who will turn 25 this November.

Indi is very active on Instagram, and her username @indicleary has 16.6k followers with 140 posts. She uploaded pictures in January 2020, celebrating her 21st birthday party with friends and family.

Milaya Cleary's sister Indi Cleary on her 21st birthday in 2020
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On the other hand, she has posted pictures of her family, including her parents, brothers, and sister Milaya, a few times. But most of the time, she uploads pictures of herself having fun with friends.

Meanwhile, Milaya, whose age has not been disclosed yet, also has an Instagram account with the moniker @milayacleary. But unlike her sister Indi, she is not quite active on social media. Her account has just two uploads with 4.6k followers. Based on her appearance, she was born in the early 2000s; she is probably in her late teen.

Nathan is Australian, although his ancestors were Croatian. Milaya, Indi, and Jett Cleary are Nathan's three siblings. Milaya and Jett Cleary were born in New Zealand, while the elder two children, Nathan and Indi, were born in Australia. His family moved to New Zealand due to his father's work as a rugby player, which is when his two young siblings were conceived.

Milaya Cleary, still in her young age, holding her pet puppy
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Milaya Cleary Is The Daughter of Ivan Cleary

Milaya Cleary was born to Croatian parents in New Zealand. The daughter of Ivan Cleary and Rebecca Cleary, Milaya is their third-born child.

She came after her brother Nathan and sister Indi was born in 1997 and 1999, respectively. She is in her teenage years and probably studying in a college or university, pursuing her academic career.

Her father, Ivan Cleary, is a retired professional rugby player. He began playing in the  90s till the early 2000s. In addition to serving as the current head coach of the Penrith Panthers, he also held the position with the Wests Tigers and the New Zealand Warriors.

Furthermore, during his playing career, Ivan played for four different clubs starting with Manly-Warringah Sea Eagles in the 92-93 season. Cleary replaced ridge at fullback in 1993 and showed that he could kick goals more precisely. Cleary's contributions helped Manly finish fourth and qualify for the playoffs.

Later he was transferred to North Sydney Bears, then to Sydney Roosters, and ended his career at New Zealand Warriors. Following Warriors 2002 NRL Grand Final defeat to the Sydney Roosters and fullback Cleary announced his retirement at the conclusion of the NRL season.

Under his leadership as a head coach, the Panthers won the National Rugby League (NRL) championship in 2021. As a player, Cleary has played as a fullback and center who could kick goals and competed for clubs in Australia and New Zealand. During the 1998 NRL Premiership, he put a new record for the most points ever scored in a season.

Milaya's father Ivan Cleary and brother Nathan hugging in tears after the 2021 NRL premiership title win.
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More About Milaya Cleary Elder Brother Nathan Cleary

Milaya Cleary's brother Nathan Cleary is currently affiliated with Penrith Panthers. Interestingly, his father, Ivan, is the head coach of the Panthers.

The young Australian rugby player has grown to be a terrific player in NFL. His popularity has reached heavens high, which can be clearly demonstrated by the increase in th number of followers on his Instagram. 

Just a year ago, Nathan following on his Instagram @_nathancleary was below 200k, and now it is near 300k, sitting at 286k with 250 posts. He has already won one National Rugby League championship in his time with the Panthers. Nathan received the Clive Churchill Medal as the man of the man award in the 2021 NRL Grand Final, where the Panthers beat South Sydney to clinch the title.

Moreover, experts and statistics concur that Nathan Cleary's career has had one of the finest starts ever. He is recognized as one of the greatest halfbacks in the history of the position. And he is nearly 25. Thus, Nathan still has a lot in him, and time is with him.

Milaya's brother Nathan is a funny guy and keeps cracking jokes frequently. More recently, he said if the Panthers are victorious in winning the NRL grand final on Sunday, October 2nd, Nathan jokingly said his sister Indi is not allowed anywhere near the premiership trophy.

Last year when the Panthers won the title, sometime later, a picture of a broken trophy went viral on the internet. Speaking to the Daily Telegraph, Nathan jokingly blamed his sister Indi as the culprit who broke the iconic trophy into pieces.

The Provan-Summons premiership trophy was handled "in a manner which showed contempt towards the persons featured in the historic occasion memorialized on the trophy," according to the NRL, and $7000 for Cleary and $4000 for teammate Stephen Crichton fine were placed.

Some FAQs

What is Milaya Cleary's sister Indi age?

Milaya's older sister Indi Cleary's age is 23 years. She was born in January 1999.

How many siblings does Milaya Cleary have?

Milaya Cleary has three siblings. They are Nathan, Indi and Jett Cleary.

Who are Milaya Cleary parents?

Milaya Cleary was born to her parents Ivan and Rebecca Cleary. She was born in New Zealand.