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Is Hunter March Still On Nightly Pop? Why Is TV Host Not On The Show? Detail Facts Here

Rumors say that Hunter March will be leaving Nightly Pop
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Several rumors of Hunter March leaving Nightly Pop are surfaced on social media. Such stories have rattled the talk show's fans, who have been enjoying the E! Network show since 2018. 

Hunter March is an American talk-show host and television personality. He got widespread attention during his time on AwesomenessTV. He joined the network as an intern in 2012 and quickly became a producer and show host for the channel.

Recently, March is best known for the late-night talk show on E! Network named "Nightly Pop." He and two co-hosts discuss many entertaining things on the talk show, and they often have a guest over as well. 

Why is Hunter March Not on Nightly Pop? Is He Leaving?

Hunter March hasn't been present in a few Nightly Pop episodes recently. 

Nightly Pop is a new and edgy late-night talk show, hosted by Morgan Stewart, Nina Parker, and Hunter March, which delves into the latest celebrity and pop culture news, per Wikipedia. 

Fans are already worried that the 31-year-old has missed several episodes of their favorite talk show. But there hasn't been any news regarding his leaving the show. 

Many fans believe he wasn't in the show for personal reasons. However, the rumors about him leaving Nightly Pop are also justified. March has been very busy lately, hosting shows all around. 

But that doesn't mean he is leaving Nightly Pop. He has been on the show for a long time and has developed entertaining chemistry with his co-hosts. It just looks like the talk show host is quite busy at the moment. 

Also, his last Instagram post was six days ago. So, let's not try to jump to conclusions until the actor speaks on the matter. 

Hunter March with Nightly Pop co-hosts Morgan Stewart and Nina Parker
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Hunter March Partner And Girlfriend: Is He Married?

Hunter March is dating his longtime partner, Lex Lee. 

As per reports, the two of them have already been together for almost nine years. They started dating each either in 2013, and it has been going strong until now. 

But March and Lee are yet to tie the marital knot. They don't have any children until now. The Youtuber star shares many photos with her girlfriend on Instagram and Facebook. 

Concerning his family, March is the grandson of famous American actors Candy Toxton and Hal March. So, it isn't a mystery that he turned out into an outstanding actor himself. 

However, the television host doesn't like to share much about his private life. Fans have never known him being with someone other than his girlfriend. 

Hunter March Net Worth 2022: A Wonderful Entertainer

Hunter March has a reported net worth of over $1 million. 

The TV host is best known for hosting the Netflix culinary show Sugar Rush. The show was about finding the best bakers duo in the competition and warding them with $10,000. It ran for 32 episodes altogether. 

Likewise, March has hosted more than 2000 episodes on AwesomenessTV. As an intern, he joined the channel in 2012, but the network knew what the young Hunter March had. So, he was promoted to producer and later as a show host. 

His further achievements include hosting Emogenius on Game Show Network, You're Busted, and E! late-night show Nighly Pop.