Uppsala Basketball Player Ike Person Passed Away At 61, Family Mourns Towards The Coach

Ike Person

Ike Person was a veteran basketball coach and a retired athlete. He was a prominent Basketball forward between 1979 to 1983.

Person played for the Michigan Wolverines in the National Collegiate Athletic Association. In 1983, he got drafted by the Detroit Pistons but did not receive any contract. Ike then joined the Swedish division 2 team KFUM Basketbollklubb Skelleftea, under Torbjorn Bjornstrom.

Uppsala Basketball Player Ike Person Died Age 61- His Death Cause

Basketball coach Ike Person died on August 19, 2022. His cause of death has not been made public.

Person's passing got reported on Swedish Baseball's @basketse Twitter account. They wrote;

'Ike Person 1960-2022 We have been reached by the sad news that Isaac "Ike" Person has left us far too soon. Ike was a real institution in Swedish Basketball, first as a player and then as a coach, club manager, referee, and trainer. Our thoughts go out to Ike's family.'

Many of Person's fans have already started sending meaningful condolences to his family after learning of his passing.

Obituary: Family Mourns Towards Coach Ike Person Demise

Coach Ike Person lived with his family members. He was married to Ingegerd Person, a retired Swedish Basketball player.

Ingegerd has played in Basketetta with a non-league team called Cometerna. She is also the mother of Person's sons, Andreas, Jonathan, and Alexander. In 2002, the family migrated from Skelleftea to Uppsala.

Like his parents, Andreas made his name in basketball. He has played for teams like Uppsala Basket, LF Basket, Jämtland Basket, and Bors Basket. Similarly, Jonathan Person has played for teams like Sundsvall Dragons, 08 Stockholm, and LF Basket.

Alexander, the youngest in the family, played for KFUM Uppsala and Uppsala Basketball.

Who Is Ike Person? His Wikipedia

The full name of Ike Person is Isaac "Ike" Person. He was born on the 26th of October 1960 in Alabama but raised in Rockford, Illinois.

Person was a Swedish-American; he represented Sweden in many international tournaments.

Isaac started playing basketball as an athlete at his high school in Barrington, Illinois. He mostly played as a center or a small forward.

Coach Ike Person and his UppsalaBasket team.
Coach Ike Person and his UppsalaBasket team.( Source : Idrottonline )

During his playing days, he got recognition for his gigantic figure. He stood at 6 feet 7 inches (201 cm), weighing around 96 kgs. In the 10th round of the 1983 NBA Draft, the Detroit Pistons selected Ike Person with the 213th overall pick.

Person played in the NCAA from 1979 to 1983; he then moved his sight to the Swedish team KFUM Basketbollklubb. After Person's arrival, the KFUM was promoted to the first division and to the Elitserien in April 1986.

In the 90s, Ike played for the elite series team Uppsala Basket, where he became the top scorer. He then retired as a player in 1992.