Is Andrew Tate Muslim And Has He Started Beating Women?

Is Andrew Tate Muslim? People are confused about what religion he follows. Learn what we know about him.

A renowned pro-Trump celebrity nicknamed the "lord of toxic masculinity" by an internet admirer, Andrew Tate, has been embroiled in a slew of scandals.

He was fired from the Channel 5 show when he allegedly assaulted a lady surfaced.

He sparked anger in September 2017 when he claimed that depression was not a serious condition, not to mention the human trafficking rumors.

Is Andrew Tate Muslim?

No, Andrew Tate is not Muslim but has been preaching about the religion.

He is an orthodox Christian which compromises most of the Christain religion. In an interview with NOUMAN ALI KHAN, he shared he might convert to Islam, but he said it in a joking manner.

He shared in the interview that if Muslims are angry at people, then it matters. But if someone says the Christians are mad at someone, nobody cares anymore.

He also added this is what he was trying to say when he meant he has a lot of respect for the faith. He is not a practicing Muslim. However, do have absolute respect for it. It's beautiful. 

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Does Andrew Tate Beat Women?

To be exact, Andrew Tate actually beat a woman, his ex-girlfriend, and the video went viral on Twitter.

He had been kicked off the Channel 5 reality show the day before because of his actions.

The Sun received the video, which shows the actor repeatedly hitting the blonde with his belt and slapping her across the face.

On the other hand, Andrew has justified his actions, telling the outlet that it was all in good fun. 'A lengthier version of the video shows us laughing and me pinching myself while stating, "it doesn't hurt," he stated.

Andrew shared a series of photographs on Twitter to emphasize the point, including a photo of the person alleged to be in the video.

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Andrew Tate Human Trafficking Arrest Rumors

On April 11, 2022, Romanian police searched Tate's home as part of an inquiry into charges that a lady was being detained against her will at the property and human trafficking and rape.

At the property, a Romanian woman and an American woman were discovered. Leaked CCTV footage revealed that the American woman was not in any danger.

The case was later dismissed. According to The Daily Beast, the outspoken MAGA supporter Tate created a social media persona as a "rich cigar-smoking playboy."

Tate shared an Instagram photo of himself enjoying a cigar in a set interrogation room while "police officers" hovered over him after his detention.