Is Barbara Eden Dead Or Still Alive? Twitter Believes Actress Passed Away Age 90

Barbara Eden in her early age

Twitter is rife with reports of the death of Barbara Eden, an American actress, singer, and producer best known for portraying Jeannie in the comedy I Dream of Jeannie. However, this hasn't yet received any formal confirmation.

Other significant roles include Lieutenant (JG) Cathy Connors in Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea (1961) and Stella Johnson, a single widowed mother in the film Harper Valley PTA. Roslyn Pierce and Elvis Presley appear in Flaming Star (1960), which also features Lieutenant (JG) Cathy Connors (1978).

Eden repeated her role as Stella Johnson in the two-season television series Harper Valley PTA due to the movie's success.

Is Barbara Eden Dead Or Still Alive? - Death Hoax At Age 90

Although she and her husband Jon Eicholtz tested positive for Covid in 2021, Barbara Eden is still alive today. Even at 90 years old, she maintains a youthful appearance and good health. On Twitter, there are, however, numerous reports of her passing.

She was reportedly a descendant of Benjamin Franklin and was born in Arizona. Eden began performing at eleven in church, after which she began singing for $10 in nightclubs. Following high school, she was chosen as Miss San Francisco in 1951.

In the 1960 picture From the Terrace, Eden made her on-screen debut. She co-starred with Elvis Presley in Flaming Star and had a significant role in A Private's Affair.

Sidney Sheldon approached her in 1964 about playing Jeanie in the I Dream of Jeannie fantasy series. NBC broadcast the program for five years.

Barbara Eden's Net Worth In 2022

American actress Barbara Eden has a $10 million net worth. Eden's leading part in "I Dream of Jeannie" is arguably what makes her most well-known. Several different television and movie appearances helped Barbara launch her career before getting her breakthrough in "I Dream of Jeannie," according to theย celebrity net worth website.

She continued to secure a variety of additional roles throughout the years after this show ended and made appearances in other Broadway theater productions. Eden is a well-known voice actor. She published a memoir titled "Jeannie Out of the Bottle" in 2011. Barbara Eden was honored with a Hollywood Walk of Fame star in 1988.

Barbara Eden is held by Elvis Presley in publicity portrait for the film 'Flaming Star', 1960.
Barbara Eden is held by Elvis Presley in publicity portrait for the film 'Flaming Star', 1960. ( Source : Foxnews )

Eden started singing in the local church choir, where she had solo opportunities. She started singing in nightclubs when she was a teenager and made a respectable living. She did, though, concentrate on pursuing an acting career, joining Actor's Equity at 16 and attending the Elizabeth Holloway School of Theatre.

She also pursued vocal studies at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music during this time. She studied theater for a year at the City College of San Francisco after finishing high school in 1949. She competed in several beauty pageants during this time and was elected Miss San Francisco in 1951.ย 

More On Career Of Barbara Eden

Barbara first appeared on television in 1955 on "The Johnny Carson Show." She subsequently made appearances in programs including "The West Point Story."

Director Mark Robson first saw her in a play with James Drury, where she later transitioned to film roles. Later, Robson arranged for her to participate in a screen test with 20th Century Fox for the movie "No Down Payment."

The studio gave her a contract even though she didn't get the part for which she had been tested. As a result, she landed a few small roles before landing a main role in the movie "A Private's Affair" with Gary Crosby and Barry Coe. After that, she appeared in the 1960's "Flaming Star" alongside Elvis Presley.