Is Kellie Bright Leaving Eastenders In 2022? Is Kelly Bright Pregnant Again With Fourth Child? All Details

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Kellie Bright, an English actress known for her role as Linda Carter in the BBC soap opera EastEnders, is supposedly leaving the show in the upcoming months.

Her departure from the show is cited as her fourth pregnancy with her husband, Paul Stocker. Kelly is already a mother of 3 kids, and her youngest child was born in July 2021.

Is Kelly Bright Leaving Eastenders In 2022?

Kelly is not leaving the Eastenders in 2022 as she hasn't mentioned anything regarding her departure from the show in recent times. However, now and then, she becomes the subject of rumors discussing her exit from the show.

Bright was assigned as Linda Carter to the BBC serial drama EastEnders in October 2013. Although Danny Dyer's character, Mick, and Linda's children initially appeared on television on December 19, 2013, they didn't arrive at Albert Square until December 26, 2013.

Dominic Treadwell-Collins, the show's executive producer, wanted to redesign it entirely, so he came up with the Carter family. Since her introduction, Linda, played by Bright, has taken part in several of the largest plotlines on the show.

Kelly's character Linda is one of the essential characters in the drama series. The show's makers have planned several ideas to do justice to her character in the future. However, everything depends upon the understanding of the show makers and the actor playing the role. As of now, there aren't any signs indicating Linda's exit from the show. 

Is Kelly Bright Pregnant Again With Fourth Child?

Kelly might not be pregnant for the fourth time in 2022, as she mentioned in an interview after giving birth to her youngest son that this is the last time she has a baby in her life. She had a rough time and had difficulties conceiving a baby in the past.

Reports Suggest That Kelly Bright Is Not Pregnant With Her Fourth Child Yet
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She had a normal pregnancy with Freddy but had trouble getting pregnant again and needed IVF to have her second baby. Her aspirations came true when she conceived her miracle after two of the additional embryos stored for potential future use failed to become pregnant. The couple's three children are Freddie Stocker, Gene Harlyn Stocker, and Rudy Joy Stocker.


What Happened To Kelly Bright?

The English actress is in sound health condition and living her life with her husband and three children peacefully. On July 5, 2014, Bright wed her longtime lover, Paul Stocker, in Trelill, Cornwall. She gave birth to her first son in December 2011. On November 21, 2016, she gave birth to her second son.

Following the birth of her second son, who was created via IVF, the couple preserved three more embryos. Bright confirmed in March 2021 that she was expecting the couple's third son, delivered on July 22, after two unsuccessful efforts to conceive in 2020.

Kelly Bright believes that her family is complete now and isn't willing to have another child in the future. Bright was named Best Female Soap Actress in 2014 by readers of Digital Spy. At the 2014 British Soap Awards, Bright and Dyer were nominated for Best On-Screen Partnership for their portrayal of Mick and Linda's romance.

She was nominated for the National Television Awards' Serial Drama Performance honor in 2015, but Dyer ultimately took the prize. At the 2015 British Soap Awards, she was nominated for Best Actress and Best Dramatic Performance, with Bright taking home both honors.