What Happened To Nkunzi From Uzalo? Leaving Or Dead On The Drama Series Explained


Viewers of Uzalo might witness the death of their favorite character, Nkunzi, played by Masoja Msiza. 

Uzalo is a popular TV drama series that airs on SABC 1. The show features the life of two family dynasties, the Mdletshes, and the Xulus.

The Mdletshes and the Xulus are headed toward each other, and their collision will kick off a series of events that will eventually reveal a dreadful secret.

Uzalo: Is Nkunzi Really Dead In The Series?

Nkunzi was poisoned in the recent teaser of the SABC 1 show Uzalo, which is currently running in its 2nd season. There is a big possibility that fan favorite Nkunzi could die in the upcoming episode. 

The latest teaser depicts Mondli declaring that he received word that Mr. Thwala, a well-known businessman, and Nkunzi have been poisoned.  Mondli further adds that the tragedy will leave the people of KwaMashu in shock.

Nkunzi, played by Masoja Msiza, is one of the most loved characters in the series. He is a villain who manages to get away with every crime in his life. However, the character was always troubled by his enemies, who tried to put him down numerous times.

After realizing that their favorite KwaMashu villain will be pronounced dead today, the short-trailer has left devoted show viewers in a panic. The fans have threatened to stop watching the soapie if Nkunzi passes away. 

What Happened To Nkunzi From Uzalo? Is He Leaving?

Nkunzi will be temporarily absent from Uzalo. He is not leaving the show, as announced by Nomfundo Zondi, the show's spokesperson.

According to Zondi, the show is planning interesting twists. She said: 'Masoja is not leaving the show, but his character will start an exciting storyline. Viewers will be stunned by how Nkunzi is taken down and will be eager to find out how he will rise up again.'

As per the planning, Nkunzi will be declared dead, but he will come back when Sbu tries to become the new landlord. Due to Nkunzi's increased power, his entry will be more dramatic.

Uzalo is one of the most loved shows on South African television. Since 2015, the show is proactive and filled with twists and turns.

The character of Nkunzebomvu Mhlongo aka Nkunzi has been in the main role since the show's release. His portrayal of a ruthless villain won the hearts of many.

As per the storyline, Nkunzebomvu is the ex-husband of Innocentia, MaMlambo, and Mazza. He then married Lindiwe, and now is in a relationship with Gabisile.

Nkunzi's Salary & Net Worth In 2022

Masoja Msiza receives a salary of R50,000 for his role as Nkunzi. He is the show's second highest-paid actor.

Msiza falls behind Dawn Thandeka King, who earns around R55,0000, for playing the role of MaNgcobo. 

As of 2022, Msiza's net worth is calculated to be about USD 400,000. The actor has been in the movie industry since 1992, and he doubles up his earnings as a poet and musician.

Despite being a low-budget show, Uzalo has paid its star pretty well. Last year, the show boasts more than 9.88 million viewers.

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