Is WRS From Eurovision Gay? The Rumänien Sexuality Explored

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The famous singer, WRS from Romania, is rumored to be gay. Let us find out whether the speculation about his sexuality is true or not.

WRS' born name Andrei-Ionut Ursu is a Romanian singer, songwriter, and dancer also. The singer used to perform as a dancer for famous personalities like Inna, Carla's Dreams, and many more before starting his career as a musician.

According to his Wikipedia page, the singer was also part of the Pro TV ballet on shows like Vocea Romaniei and Romanii au talent.

Andrei signed with Global Records and started the electro-pop music project with the stage name WRS in January 2020.

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Is WRS From Eurovision Gay? His Sexuality Revealed

WRS, one of the contestants from Eurovision, is gossiped to be gay. WRS does not seem to be gay and is a straight guy. However, it is not sure as the artist has not commented on this matter yet.

Even if the singer were gay, the singer would have definitely revealed to the world regarding his sexuality and choices without a doubt, as being gay is not something to be ashamed of.

Nonetheless, the artist has not hinted whether he is gay or not, which means he might be straight. Also, the artist has posted an intimate picture of him with a girl, captioning, "with my dear," which hints that he might be in a relationship with that girl.

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WRS Wikipedia & Bio Explored

WRS is available on the official domain of the Wikipedia page. He was born on January 16, 1993, in Buzău, Romania. 

From a very young age, WRS started dancing as he was encouraged by his parents. His career took a turn from dancing to singing in 2015 when he joined the boys' band "Shot."

After spending two years with the band, WRS left the project, moved to London, and started composing music. He debuted with the song named "Why" in January 2020.

WRS launched the single "Llámame," with which he will represent Romania at the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 in Turin, Italy, after winning Selecția Națională 2022, Romania's national final.

WRS Family Background Explored

WRS was born and raised by his parents in Romania. His parents are folk music dancers, according to Wikipedia. The singer's parents were the ones to encourage him to be a dancer as they were folk dancers.

Besides that, nothing much is known about WRS' family. Why, No Weight, All Alone, Tsunami and Llámame are some of his famous songs.

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