James Brayshaw Is Related To Angus Brayshaw, Inside Look At Dad Mark and Family Tree

An Australian Media Personality James Brayshaw
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An Australian media personality James Brayshaw is closely related to Angus Brashaw, a famous AFL player. 

In 1996, domestic cricketer James Brayshaw retired and joined the Seven Network and could catch the viewer's attention in no time. Now, he hosts the program while also calling Test cricket in Australian Football League. With years of activeness in the field, he has earned tremendous fame and name in the industry. 

Besides, he has also worked for the Nine Network for around 15 years, co-hosting The Footy Show and calling cricket AFL. For years, he has remained in the media's attention, with the public showing interest in his relations. What's more eye-catching is his kinship with Angus Brayshaw, which has time and again gained the spotlight.

On the other side, Angus is a well-known professional Australian rules footballer who plays in the AFL for the Melbourne Football Club (nicknamed Demons). Meanwhile, James served the North Melbourne Football Club (nicknamed Kangaroos) as its chairman from 2008 to 2016. He was also the chairman of the cricket team Melbourne Renegades from 2011 to 2015. 

Both are famous public figures with thousands of followers that only admired them but also took them as an inspiration. As famous as they are, let's have an insight into their family relationships and learn about their exciting lifestyle. 

James Brayshaw birthdate11 May 1967 (55 age)
HometownSubiaco, Western Australia
SiblingsBrother Mark Brayshaw and Sister Sally
NephewAngus, Andrew and Hamish
ChildrenHenry, George, Jonathan, and Frederick James

Yes, James Brayshaw and Angus Brayshaw have a kinship and are closely related. He is an Australian media personality who works for the Seven Network and is a retired cricketer. 

As for Angus, he is a professional Australian rules footballer who has earned fame by playing in the Australian Football League for the Melbourne Football Club. They shared the relationship of uncle and nephew in the family. 

Angus is the nephew of the former cricketer James, who is his uncle. They have a bloodline with Mark, James' brother, but Angus' father. Over the years, they have been frequently questioned about their kinship, having the same last name. 

Neither famous figure has hidden their relationship or kept it private, clearing the confusion for their followers. James, who is well-known as a retired cricketer, has a history of serving the North Melbourne Football Club as a former chairman. He worked for the club from 2008 to 2016, for around eight years. 

As for Angus Brayshaw, he has been active in the club Melbourne Football Club since 2015 till date and has played over 140 games. He stands six feet and two inches tall, weighing 92kg. James was born on 11 May 1967 in Subiaco, Western Australia. In 2022, he reached 55 years of age, with an accomplished career in media. 

Looking into Angus' profile, he was born on 9 January 1996 in Western Australia. He has currently reached 26 years of age. The uncle and nephew seem to have an age difference of about 29 years. Regardless both are successful in their own field.  

A professional Australian Rules Footballer Angus Brayshaw
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A fun fact is that they were both born in Western Australia and grew up there as their hometown. James has previously opened up in the podcast about his relationship with his brother and nephew. He talked about his brother, mentioning, "You don't get a choice, ultimately, who fathers you, you know. You just sort of come out, that's the way it is"

He also talked about his nephew Angus's concussion, mentioning that he spoke to him, "I chatted to him last night." 

"Angus is a very smart kid, doing a double degree in engineering and commerce, so he's got a huge future ahead of him in the workplace and on the footy field." He further added, "He said it was a very, very minor knock."

"He thought he was excellent to keep playing, he understood when the doctors came on and said 'mate, you're out, you're not coming back on, he was shattered because mainly he said (he) just wanted to keep playing so that (he) could play next week in the seniors."

"That's the sort of kid he is. He just wants to play for Melbourne in the seniors, and he gets very disappointed with anything that's going to stop him from doing that. But he's been very well educated by the medical staff on how serious it is."

An Australian Media Personality James Brayshaw
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JB admires and supports his nephew, who is passionate about playing football for Melbourne. Aside from that, Angus shares a sharp jawline like his uncle and is known for their good looks. 

James Brayshaw And Angus Brayshaw Dad Mark Have Same Father

James Brayshaw and Mark Brayshaw (Angus' dad) were born to their father, Ian Brayshaw. The two brothers grew up together, sharing an unbreakable bond in the family. 

Besides having two sons, Ian also had a daughter named, who sadly passed away in an accident when she was 36. The incident took place on 20 September 2006; a heartbreaking moment for the family, who still remembers her. 

Mark was born on 5 February 1966 and reached 56 years old in 2022. He is a year older than his brother James who is 55 years. Besides his kinship with his brother James, and father Ian, he is a former Australian rules footballer who played in the AFL for the North Melbourne Football Club. 

Besides Angus, Mark has two more sons in his family named Andrew and Hamish, who are Australian Rules Footballers. He has four nephews from his brother James; Henry Brayshaw, George Brayshaw, Frederick James Brayshaw, and Jonathan Brayshaw.  

Mark and James both grew up under the umbrella of their father, Ian, a former Australian sportsman. They both admire their father, who had a career in both football and cricket. Looking up to him, James followed the path of cricket and media career, while Mark made his career in football. 

Who Are James Brayshaw Parents?

James Brayshaw was born to his parents, Ian and Joan, who supported him and his siblings in every step of their life. They have been together for decades, living together. 

His father, Ian, and mother, Joan, adore their children and grandchildren. James previously mentioned his experience of meeting his parents after a long time; he shares, "It was the first time I'd been to see them for two and a half years. That's just appalling. I have no doubt I got the balance wrong."

"In our business, you do run the risk of becoming a bit lost in yourself. I have, anyway. I've been guilty of letting what I do dictate the life I lead. I have the chance to do better."

Meanwhile, Ian and his wife Joan talk about their proud grandchildren, and they had butterflies while watching the awards on TV. As an honored grandparent, they mentioned, "It was a really very exciting time, we're terribly proud of both of them (Andy and Angus)." 

Head of the AFL Coaches Association & James Brayshaw's very own brother, Mark Brayshaw joined the Podcast
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Ian added, "He's (Andy) a great family man. I think he's driven by being the youngest to prove himself in a pretty tough field with three other brothers. He got the vice chancellor award from Curtin University for being in the top 1 percent of students."

Nevertheless, the family all sit and watch their grandchildren's games quite often, rooting for their kids. 

James Brayshaw Family Tree Relation

Ian and Joan gave birth to two sons, Mark and James, and a daughter, Sally, in the family. They first entered parenthood in 1966, welcoming their elder son. 

Around a year later, they welcomed their son, James, and some years later, their daughter Sally, who unfortunately passed away in 2006. At the current time, their children are all grown up and blessed with their own kids. 

Mark married his wife Deborah and welcomed three sons, Angus, Andrew, and Hamish, in the family, who are now Australian rules footballers. Meanwhile, James married Sarah, with whom he shares four sons, Henry, George, Jonathon, and Frederick James. 

After being married for 23 years, James separated from his wife in 2014. He is currently in a relationship with Lisa Christie. 

James Brayshaw is the son of Ian Brayshaw
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Who Is Angus Brayshaw Father? 

Angus Brayshaw was born to his father, Mark Andrew Brayshaw, and his mother, Deborah. He shares a close bond with his dad, a former Australian rules footballer. 

Mark earned fame in the Australian Football League, playing for North Melbourne Football Club. He has the same height as his son, i.e., 6ft and 2 inches. 

His dad started his playing career in 1987, serving the club Claremont in 110 games. After playing for decades, he stopped playing for the club and got drafted to North Melbourne Football Club in 1989. His football career ended in 1992 after getting delisted by the club. 

Angus Brayshaw with his father
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Meet Angus Brayshaw WAG Danielle Frawley

Angus Brayshaw is currently dating his girlfriend, Danielle Frawley, a well-loved social media personality. She is the daughter of the famous footballers Danny, who sadly passed away in a single-car crash in 2019 after battling through depression. 

WAG Danielle, who admired her dad, is in a relationship with a famous footballer like her father. They have both been very supportive of each other and are open about their dating life in public. Also, the pair often shares each other pictures on social media. 

Angus Brayshaw with his girlfriend Danielle Frawley
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They are one of the most loved celeb couples in the sports world. The couple is currently enjoying their dating life and has yet to share anything about taking the next step in their relationship.