John Hogan Death & Obituary, Where Is Ex Wife Natasha Hogan Now?

John Hogan returned to the UK after years in a mental hospital in Crete

After a fight with his ex-wife, John Hogan, 35, a former tiler from Bristol, fell from the balcony with his son Liam and daughter Mia, 2, 50 feet below, in August 2006 and is rumored to have died today; however, there is no official news as of yet.

Hogan and his then-wife, Natasha, had planned to mend their marriage during a family vacation to the resort of Ierapetra, but fights ensued.

She claimed that as she was packing a suitcase, Hogan vanished over the balcony with the kids after becoming increasingly angry. The fall left their daughter with a fractured arm but killed their son, who suffered head injuries.

John Hogan Death And Obituary

No official news has yet confirmed the death of the father who killed his six-year-old son by jumping from a fourth-floor hotel balcony in Crete after being freed from psychiatric care.

In January of last year, Hogan was acquitted of murder when the court determined following a two-day hearing that he had been experiencing "an earthquake of insanity" and was incapable of committing murder.

John Hogan with Natasha and their two children Liam and Mia
John Hogan with Natasha and their two children Liam and Mia( Source : Mirror )

After Hogan tried suicide four times while on remand, it was decided that he should be kept in a mental hospital to undergo treatment. Hogan's defense successfully contended that he had a family history of mental illness and had not intentionally intended to kill his children.

Hogan will be released after serving less than half of the three-year sentence, despite the judge's recommendation that he stay in the Athens facility.

Where Is John Hogan Ex Wife Natasha Hogan Now?

After her husband John Hogan killed their six-year-old son Liam by throwing him out the balcony of the family's fourth-floor vacation home in Crete in 2006, Natasha Visser moved to Australia and began a new life.

In a shocking family tragedy that rocked Britain, Hogan shoved his two-year-old daughter Mia out of the 50-foot balcony before jumping himself. Hogan, a floor tiler, and his daughter Mia survived the accident.

Mia is a well-adjusted little girl despite her ordeal
Mia is a well-adjusted little girl despite her ordeal( Source : Mirror )

A Greek court later absolved the insane father of murdering Liam in 2008 based on temporary insanity. Hogan, now 39, and Natasha, 41, are no longer together. They reside in Queensland with Mia, Richard Visser, their three-year-old son Reuben, and Natasha.

To salvage their marriage, Bradley Stoke, Bristol residents Hogan and Natasha took their family on a life-or-death vacation to Crete. With a broken arm, daughter Mia, now nine, survived the balcony fall at the Petra Mare Hotel.

John Hogan's Balcony Death Leap Story

John Hogan, 37, pushed his son Liam, 6, and daughter Mia, 2, from their hotel balcony on the fourth floor before jumping off himself. He and Mia both had shattered bones, but tragically, Liam passed away in 2006 from brain injuries following the fatal drop in Crete.

The High Court reversed a coroner's first determination that Liam's death was unlawful because it disregarded evidence that Hogan was crazy at the time of the killing.

However, shocking new testimony from a British forensic doctor who suggested the father would not have been mad when he jumped was heard at a second inquest this week.

Yesterday, Avon Coroner Maria Voisin upheld the initial conclusion about the death of little Liam, concluding that Hogan was not mad and had killed the child unlawfully. It makes it more likely that Hogan, presently sectioned in a psychiatric hospital in Britain, will be charged with a crime there.