Who Is Julia Lübbert? Meet The Young Actor Of 42 Days of Darkness

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Julia Lübbert will return to the big screen in 42 Days of Darkness, the first Chilean series on Netflix.

Based on a true story, 42 Days of Darkness is a mystery/thriller TV series where a woman leads a frantic search for her missing sister in a Chilean town amid a media frenzy and a police investigation. 

Julia Lübbert plays alongside notable actors Néstor Cantillana and Amparo Noguera. If everything runs as scheduled, the series will premiere on May 11. 

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Who Is Julia Lübbert? Wikipedia Details

Julia Lübbert, a Chilean actress by birth, has not been listed as a possible candidate to appear on Wikipedia. 

She has starred in films such as Meine Eltern sind irgendwie anders (2016), Una Herejae Necesaria (2017), and Cirqo (2013).

She has played in seven different films, the first of which, "Cirqo," was her first foray into the entertainment industry in 2013.

However, her role as Sara in the film "Rara" earned her many fame and international awards. 

Rara received numerous awards at international film festivals, including the Horizonte Latino and Sebastiane Latino awards for its director and the Best Actress award for Julia at the Lisbon Gay and Lesbian Film Festival at age 15. 

Julia attended Altamira, Manuel de Salas, and Liceo Experimental Manuel de Salas, according to her Facebook page. She also received her university diploma from Liceo Experimental Manuel de Salas.

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What Is The Age Of Julia Lübbert? What Is Her Ethnicity?

Age of Julia Lübbert is estimated to be between 19 and 22 years old based on her photographs and physical appearance. Unfortunately, we do not have the details surrounding her birth, so precise information about her age is not available.

Julia belongs to one of the six most prominent ethnic groups spread out in Chile, though it is not easy to pinpoint the exact one with 100% surety as she has not provided enough information. 

Julia Lübbert uses the handle @jjulia aaa on Instagram, though she isn't very active there and only posts once in a while. Her only social media platform of choice is Facebook, where she posts on a daily basis.

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Parents And Family Details Of Julia Lübbert

Her parents raised Chilean actress Julia Lübbert in Santiago, Chile. The name of her mother has been disclosed as Carolina Ziga Ulloa. Her father is the renowned filmmaker Orlando Lübbert.

Omar Piracés Lbbert and Cusco Retuerto are two of her uncles' names. Pablo Valdivieso, Andrés Lübbert, Renata Lübbert, and Fran Valdivieso are among her many cousins who have caught the attention of the media.

According to her Facebook relationship status, Julia is a married woman.