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Is Junet Mohamed Arrested In 2022? Suna East Member Of National Assembly Hate Speech And Bio

Junet Mohamed Is A Kenyan politician Who Was Arrested In The Past For Hate Speech
Junet Mohamed Is A Kenyan politician Who Was Arrested In The Past For Hate Speech ( Source : facebook )

Junet Mohamed is a Kenyan politician arrested in 2016 for his hate speech against specific communities. He is making headlines again after being re-elected as Suna East MP in August 2022.

He represents Suna East in Migori County as a member of parliament. He belongs to the ODM political group. He is the first Somali-Kenyan to win a seat in the Nyanza region and serves as the minority leader of the National Assembly.

Is Junet Mohamed Arrested 2022?

Junet hasn't been arrested this year, but he had been behind bars for his controversial speech in 2016. In July 2017, he was detained on allegations that he had made offensive comments.

The MP was charged with hate speech and inciting violence when he appeared in court before Susan Ndegwa, the principal magistrate at Homa Bay Law Courts in 2017. 

Junet Mohamed Was Arrested In  2017
Junet Mohamed Was Arrested In 2017 ( Source : youtube )

He was freed after contesting the accusations and posting Sh100,000 cash bail. The Suna East MP allegedly expressed opinions meant to stir up hatred, contempt, and prejudice against the residents of Nyeri based on their ethnicity.

Junet Mohamed Age And Biography

Sheikh Nuh Mohammed's family, initially from Mandera County but now reside in Migori, where he has a business, welcomed Junet on October 25, 1977. Kenyan politician Junet Mohamed serves as the current representative for Suna East in Migori County.

The first Somali-Kenyan to win a parliamentary seat in the Nyanza region, he also holds the position of Minority Leader of the National Assembly. He is a supporter of the ODM political movement. Before transferring to Lenana School for secondary studies, Mohamed began his survey at Migori Primary School.

Junet Mohamed  Is The First Somali-Kenyan To Win A Parliamentary Seat In The Nyanza Region.
Junet Mohamed Is The First Somali-Kenyan To Win A Parliamentary Seat In The Nyanza Region. ( Source : eafeed )

Because he was born and raised there and had many friends and ties, he was the first Kenyan Somali to be elected in the Nyanza area. In the elections held in August 2017, he was again reelected. He then rose to the position of minority leader in the National Assembly and is tight with Raila Odinga, the head of the ODM party.

Junet Mohamed Hate Speech Allegations Explained

Junet has faced allegations regarding his bold and risky statements in front of the general public. During his 2017 court appearance, the MP was accused of using hate speech and inciting violence. He was released after disputing the charges and paying an Sh100,000 cash bond. The Suna East MP reportedly made statements intended to incite prejudice, bigotry, and discrimination against Nyeri inhabitants due to their ethnicity.

However, he is still a favorite of people as he was re-elected in the 2022 Suna East MP elections earlier this month. He now holds the position of the minority leader of the national assembly. Junet defeated five opponents by receiving 26,516 votes. Out of the 54,495 registered voters, about 74% took part in the election.

Junet Mohamed, who was initially elected in 2013, will be serving as the MP for Suna East for a third straight term. In the presidential election, Raila Odinga of the Azimio La Umoja-One Kenya Alliance earned 38,391 votes, while Dr. William Ruto of the UDA received 2,128. Prof. George Wajackoyah, a presidential candidate for the Roots Party, and David Mwaure, the leader of the Agano Party, both garnered 74 and 27 votes.