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Where Is Kat Stacks Now? What Happened, Was She Deported To Venezuela?

Kat Stacks  is a popular American hip-hop artist and rapper
Kat Stacks is a popular American hip-hop artist and rapper

Kat Stacks is a well-known American rapper and hip-hop artist who has been at the center of many debates in the pop culture world. Where Is Kat Stacks Now?

In 2010, after being arrested in Nashville for a crime, kat Stacks faced deportation to Venezuela.

She is a well-known hip-hop artist, rapper, and blogger who is famous for working with the renowned company "HNIC Entertainments."

Quick Facts About Kat Stacks:

Real NameAndrea Herrera
Date of birthNovember 2, 1989
Place of birthVenezuela
Profession:Rapper, Record Artist, Blogger

Where Is Kat Stacks Now? 

Kat Stacks is now active in America as a rapper, record artist, and blogger. She is a well-known internet celebrity who is known for sparking controversy in the world of pop culture.

Kat Stacks is well-known for bringing up controversy in the pop culture universe.
Kat Stacks is well-known for bringing up controversy in the pop culture universe. ( Source : chaospin )

She has been seen in several popular YouTube videos and frequently appears on World Star Hip Hop. Kat Stacks, born in Venezuela, immigrated to the country when she was eight years old.

Stacks had sexual abuse when she was a child and was molested. At the age of 14, this pushed her into prostitution. She thus gave birth to a son she named Tj.

Since then, she has had relationships with several well-known musicians, including Lil Wayne, Gucci Mane, Marcus Gilbert, and Soulja Boy.

Kat Stacks has been arrested at an immigration detention center in Louisiana. She was taken into custody for domestic abuse.

She is now a writer as well after publishing her best-selling book, "Becoming Kat Stacks," which helped her gain some notoriety among her followers.

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Was Kat Stacks Deported To Venezuela?

Kat Stacks was faced with deportation back to Venezuela in 2010 after she was jailed in Nashville for a crime.

According to reports, Johnyelsi Cardenas, Stacks' mother, pleaded with the Obama administration to put off her daughter's deportation for another two years.

Kat objected and decided to start a group to support any undocumented immigrants attempting to remain in the US after she was deported for not having her documents.

She was scheduled to hold a concert, but she just accepted the money and didn't show up. When her Nashville promoter informed the authorities of this, they immediately learned that Kat was residing in the US illegally.

However, because of Kat's advocacy group, "DREAMears," and the fact that she was brought to the US and forced into prostitution before being deported, the judge decided to order her return to Venezuela.

The people disagreed with the court's ruling; thus, in January 2011, Kat was permitted to remain in the US.

Kat Stacks Relationship 

Kat Stacks is currently single and unmarried. In one of her interviews, Kat said that she had dated Prince when she was 19 and that the child suspected of being a pimp was Prince's.

Kat Stacks was in a relationship with Soulja Boy and many other rappers.
Kat Stacks was in a relationship with Soulja Boy and many other rappers.( Source : billboard )

Kat claimed that the Prince was the father, but she raised her son TJ alone, experiencing physical abuse. Additionally, Kat has claimed that Prince was not her spouse and avoided mentioning him publicly.

Kat has also admitted to romancing Lil Wayne and several other well-known rappers, including Marcus Gilbert, Soulja Boy, Yung Maserati, Kimrick Lewsi, and Gucci Mane.

In addition, Kat was also said to be dating HNIC entertainment's Shanod Johnson after she shared a photo of the two of them on Instagram. 

Kat Stacks Net Worth: Is She Rich?

Kat Stacks has a net worth of $2 million, according to Marathibio.

The majority of Kat's income came from her work as a rapper, recording artist, and blogger. Additionally, the book she published in 2013 went well on the market.

It also provided her with a good income. She earns about $30,000 yearly from her work and other endeavors combined.

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