Who Was American Beauty Pageant Winner Lota Cheek? People Searched For Death Cause After 99 Years Old Photos Got Viral

The gorgeous actress, model, and beauty queen Lota Cheek. ( Source : Twitter )

As Twitter has gotten flooded with the stunning pictures of Lota Cheek, many people want to learn more details about her, so we have tried to gather some.

Cheek was a beauty queen, actress, model, and music teacher who made headlines back in the days for marrying an already married man named Tyrell Davis, a British film actor and Cambridge educated.

While the beauty queen was with Tyrell, she appeared as an actress on stage in New York. After getting divorced from the actor, she tied the know with David Sanders and started living a low life in Alabama.

American Beauty Queen: Lota Cheek Wikipedia Bio 

Lota Cheek is a late American beauty queen who got recognized as America's prettiest girl in 1921. Furthermore, she is also a winner of the NYC 1922 beauty contest as per various sources on the internet.

Furthermore, she was a successful actress in New York City who performed in four plays on Broadway under the name Lota Sanders and served as a music teacher. This information got shared by one of the YouTubers named Lornicopia, who believes to be her cousin.

The IBDB page has listed her credits for Broadway performances under the same name from the 1920s to the 1930s, and we presume it might be her. The credits include Cafe, The Man from Toronto, Simon Called Peter, and That Awful Mrs. Eaton.

However, a source revealed that the beauty queen was involved in a scandalous divorce case with Tyrell Davis/Harry Davis in 1922 as her husband married another woman. By 1925, she was remarried and took the name of her new husband, David Sanders.

Lota Cheek Cause Of Death 

The reason behind the death of Lota is not available as she is long dead, and the internet wasn't available, so only sketchy information about her is available.

Cheek might have died a natural death, or she might have lost her life to some illness that has remained a mystery. Moreover, how long she lived her beautiful life is also not known.

As per the Youtuber Lornicopia, the beauty queen died in California for an undisclosed reason, and she resided in Alabama during World War II. Moreover, she is the descendent of William Martian Cheek, a Revolutionary war soldier in South Carolina. And she was born as one of the children of Georgia farmer Leon Cheek in the late 1890s.

Furthermore, she last appeared in the Colgate ad, but she later lived a happy and content life out of the spotlight in Alabama with her husband. Lornicopia, who considers himself one of her cousins, has created a few videos about Lota, explaining a few details about her. To learn more about the late actress, go through his Youtube channel.

Why Is Lota Cheek Viral On Internet?

Lota is all over social media as one of her many beautiful pictures that surfaced in the past few years has surprised the internet and taken everyone by surprise as she looks marvelous.

People can't get over her beautiful smile and incredible features with long hair, so many have shared those pictures on social networking sites, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter; some have also created Youtube videos on her.

Even after so many years, a single picture of Cheek, believed to be taken around 1923 by George Maillard Kesslere, has mesmerized everyone. Although the beauty queen is no more, she will always remain in our prayers and will always get celebrated for her achievements in the 1920s.