Lukoil Chairman Ravil Maganov Net Worth In 2022, How Rich Was Oil Tycoon?

Ravil Maganov was the chairman of PJSC Lukoil Oil Company.
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The news of Ravil Maganov's demise is all over the internet, and condolence messages are flowing all over social networking sites. Following his death, people are curious to know the details about his net worth and family.

Ravil became an employee of PJSC Lukoil in 1993, began working as an oil operator, took command of Langepasneftegaz production association, and became chairman of the board in 2020.

The 67 years old was getting treated at Moscow's Central Clinical Hospital before the news of his expiry broke on the internet. Lukoil released an official statement revealing he Maganov died of severe illness and appreciated his skills and achievements over the three decades he served for the company.

Lukoil Chairman Ravil Maganov Net Worth In 2022

Ravil Maganov never revealed his earnings and shed light on his assets to the media; however, considering his lifestyle, he might have had a net worth of at least $5 to $10 million or more for working in PJSC Lukoil Oil Company since 1993.

The company's president Vagit Alekperov has gotten ranked as the 10th Russian billionaire with a net worth of $14.4 billion, with the company having a recent of ₽4,744 billion. Thus, Lukoil might have paid the chairman a decent paycheck to lead a happy and comfortable lifestyle.

President Vladimir Putin awarded Ravil Maganov with a lifetime achievement award in 2019 for his excellence.
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However, the market stock price of the multinational energy corporation dropped 95 percent due to international sanctions during the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine. Even so, Ravil started from working as an oil operator to becoming the chairman and immensely contributed to developing the entire Russian oil and gas sector.

His managerial skills helped the company grow from a small oil production group to one of the world's leading energy companies in no time. He had received many national awards for his success; Maganov got accolades with a lifetime achievement award from President Vladimir Putin in 2019.

Ravil Maganov Wife: Who Was He Married To?

Maganov must have tied the knot with the love of his life, but since he kept his private life confidential, we are unsure who his wife is and what she does for a living.

However, concerns relating to his significant other and children got raised as the late wife & daughter of Sergei Protosenya were stabbed at a villa in Spain along with the hanging body of Sergei Protosenya in April. Sergei served as deputy chairman of gas company Novatek.

Likewise, the ex-vice president of Gazprombank Vladislav Avayev and his family died of gunshot wounds in Moscow. Both the cases got ruled suicide, and the Tass news agency also quoted Ravil taking his own life by jumping off a sixth-floor hospital window in Moscow, per BBC

Hopefully, nothing unfortunate happens to his loved ones who are grieving over his demise, and they remain safe. We pray for the chairman's departed soul to rest easy in paradise and send comforting hugs and healing prayers to the ones he has left behind; may they get over the sorrow soon.

Ravil Maganov Family Facts Following The News Of His Death

Ravil never introduced his family to the media, and they haven't come out to share any details relating to the news of his death, which is understandable. Thus, no sufficient information about his loved ones is available, and we respect their privacy.

The chairman is the brother of Nail Maganov, who serves as the CEO of another Russian oil and gas company Tatneft. Nail joined the company in July 2013 and has been part of Tatneft for almost a decade.

The brother of Ravil Maganov, Nail Maganov, is the CEO of Tatneft.
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Furthermore, the CEO received his bachelor's degree from IM Gubkin Russia State Oil & Gas University and earned his master's degree with an A from Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas.

Besides him, no one from the late chairman's household ever made a public appearance; he might have children and grandchildren whom he adored. However, none of them has shared any news about his brother's demise; maybe they are in a tight spot, or the tragedy has taken over them.