Macarena Teke: The Wife Of "42 Days of Darkness" Actor Néstor Cantillana Revealed

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Néstor Cantillana Wife also works in the same industry as him. Learn what we know about his wife.

Néstor Igor Cantillana is a Chilean stage, film, and television actor. Macarena Loreto Teke Gomez, his wife, is also a Chilean theater, cinema, and television actress.

She is well recognized for her parts in the films La Sagrada family andNormal with alas and the television shows Machos and Volver an m.

Who Is Macarena Teke? 

Macarena Teke is famous as the wife of Nestor Cantillana. She is a Chilean actress who has worked in theater, film, and television.

She is well recognized for her parts in the films La Sagrada Familia and Normal con alas and the television shows Machos and Volver a m. Macarena Teke attended Saint George's College and the University of Chile for her theater studies.

She has been in the television shows Machos Vivir con 10 and Verdades Ocultas.

In 2010, she starred in the miniseries Volver am, and in 2013, she returned to the teleseries and made her TVN debut as Filomena Gutiérrez in The Return.

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Meet Macarena Teke Sons

Lautaro Cantillana, born in 2008, and Santiago Cantillana, born in 2011, are Néstor and Macarena's sons, ages 14 and 11, respectively.

Macarena has also appeared in numerous TV shows, soap operas, films, and plays. They could have met on the set of one of the shows they worked on.

When they were working on the set or met for the first time on the film set, love blossomed between them.

We do not understand how the pair met for the first time or when they married.

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Macarena Teke Net Worth 2022

Macarena Teke has not talked about her net worth to date. However, we guess she to hover around the 100 grand.

Although a specific, trustworthy website is not available to assert its worth, its profits may range from the values provided above.

Meanwhile, her husband, Nestor Cantillana, won the award for best actor in the play Despertar de Primavera at the third Nuevas Tendencias Teatrales festival in 1996.

Cantillana was nominated for an Altazor Award for his role in the soap opera Romane, and he won the APES award for best actor in 2000.