Who Is María Elena Dressel? Facts To Know About The Journalist & Businesswoman

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María Elena Dressel, 46 edad, married her husband Roberto on March 16 of this year. 

María Elena Dressel was the host of Mega's "Cara y Sello" program and Felipe Bianchi's CDF Noticias. The 46-year-old journalist returned to the docu-reality format in 2012 with Canal 13 Cable's "Role Play."

Around 2013, Dressel worked as a Tele13 Radio voice for a short time, hosting the programs Tele13 en Punto from 1 to 2 pm and Nueva + Mente, a space for entrepreneurship and innovation, from 3 to 5 pm.

María Elena Dressel Wikipedia And Bio 

María Elena Dressel, a businesswoman and a journalist with over 20 years of experience working in various media, is not listed on Wikipedia. 

In her line of work, she has worked as a strategic advisor expert in content generation for companies, organizations, and corporate governments. 

Dressel is the Business Director of Sistema B Chile, Everis Foundation. Furthermore, she is a permanent member of the Icare Innovation Circle as well as the Director of the Women Entrepreneurs Digital Business Accelerator, Chile.

For the past two years, Dressel has been acting as a Principal CEO for Licon Partners. 

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María Elena Dressel Edad - How Old Is The Journalist? 

María Elena Dressel is 46 edad and is doing well after she had a mental breakdown at the age of 40.

In 2015, she fell at a Club de la Unión event, and a vertebra slipped, and a hernia emerged. All of this happened right before when she was to be introduced as Tele13 Radio's new voice. She ended up in the clinic for eight days on morphine. 

Maria became a journalist and hosted the news and the Cara y Sello program on the Mega channel 19 years after being crowned Queen of Colegio Andrés Bello de Osorno in 1994.

Insight On María Elena Dressel's Husband 

María Elena Dressel married her husband Roberto on March 16 of this year. This is Dressel's second marriage. 

She was married for the first time at the age of 26 and stayed with her husband for seven years before filing for divorce.

After the divorce, the first of her many lovers was Humberto Andrés Sichel Vicencio, a Chilean journalist, radio host, and television host who was born in Santiago on October 5, 1981.

The two dated for four years. Years into their relationship, María and Roberto moved in together and had a relationship similar to marriage. 

Besides dating her, Humberto also went out with journalist Jacinta Besa for a while. He's been dating Macarena Pizarro, another Chilevisión journalist, since 2018.

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What Is The Net Worth Of María Elena Dressel? Is She On Instagram?

Journalist María Elena Dressel is estimated to have a net worth of $100K. Bear in mind that this value may be off by the actual value to some degree. 

To date, Dressel has never publicly announced her worth to the public. However, in 2015 most of her personal items were stolen from her house.  

Dressel posts regularly on her Instagram handle @elenadressel where she has over 17.3K followers.