Michelle Eason Missing Case, What Happened And Was He Found?

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In an unsolved missing case of Michelle Eason, Michelle Eason was last seen in September 1997 along the main street of Poughkeepsie. She was the fifth sex worker who disappeared from the street of Poughkeepsie.

Michelle Eason's disappearance was reported to authorities on October 9, 1997. She is one of the many women who were kidnapped from the same city. A number o sex workers were found missing from 1996 t0 1998. 

However, eight disappeared women were found dead in the home of serial killer Kendall Francois; there was no sign of Eason. 

New York police undertook detailed and core investigations, but sadly the uncovered mystery of her case is still not solved.

An investigative reporter at CrimeJunkiePost, Nina Schutzman, shared a tweet about Eason.

Uncovering Michelle Eason's Missing Case- What Happened? Was She found?

The missing Case of Michelle Eason, long reported in 1997, is still a mystery case. Kendall Francois, who was the serial killer, accused and found guilty of kidnapping and killing eight women who were mostly sex workers, was the major suspect. 

But he denied his involvement in vanishing Michelle Eason. The other side of the assumption was that someone else who was successful enough to hide the crime might be responsible for it.

Michelle was involved in drug dealing involving narcotics theft and shared an apartment with a drug dealer. Another probability for her disappearance might be her involvement in dangerous drug dealing activity. 

When the dead bodies of eight women were found inside Francois's Avenue home, the officials couldn't locate Eason's body inside his home. Because of a lack of evidence against the suspect, the suspect, Kendall Francois, was not charged guilty in her case. 

Francois was also suspected of killing and disposing of Eason's body somewhere, but that was not proved through any evidence. 

The strange part of the case is that she had no bank account, identity card, credit card, or driving license when she went missing, which made it even more difficult for the police department to track her down in any possible way.

Even after 25 years of her disappearance, her trace is found nowhere, making the entire case an unsolvable mystery. 

Tweets were shared regarding part 2 of missing Michelle Eason. 

Michelle Eason Wikipedia; relationship, family

Michelle Eason was an African American woman who was born on March 9, 1971. She was 26 years old in the year when she vanished. Her height was 5'2", and her weight was 115 pounds. 

She had brown eyes and a birthmark on her left shoulder. She had done extensive dental work. 

She had a boyfriend who stated suspecting the drug dealers with whom she used to work with. 

She was into narcotics theft and drug dealing. She was also a sex worker. Details regarding her family members were hard to extract from the internet source. She was last seen in September 1997 on the streets of Poughkeepsie, New York. 

The New York police made several attempts to trace her down, but unfortunately, it all went in vain.