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Who Is Mike LaFleur Wife Lauren Ball? Matt Lafleur Brother Salary and Net Worth

Mike Lafleur is the offensive coordinator for the Newyork Jets.
Mike Lafleur is the offensive coordinator for the Newyork Jets.( Source : newyorkjets )

Mike LaFleur and his wife, Lauren L. Ball, married in July 2010. The couple is raising two kids as well.

LaFleur is an American football coach. He is currently serving as the offensive coordinator for the New York Jets in the NFL. 

LaFleur is now in the second season with the Jets under Robert Saleh's staff. In his first season with the jets, he improved four different quarterbacks, including the team's starting quarterback Zach Wilson. 

Before joining the Jets, he worked as an assistant coach for popular teams like the Atlanta Falcons, Cleveland Browns, and San Francisco 49ers.

LaFleur is also the younger brother of  Matt LaFleur, the head coach of the Green Bay Packers and the former Quarter Back coach of the teams like the Washington Redskins, Notre Dame, and the Atlanta Falcons. The Packers announced they would replace Mike McCarthy on January 8, 2019. This led to LaFleur signing a four-year contract with the side.

In the sections below, learn more about Mike LaFleur's wife, family, and personal life. He comes from families with a long history of coaching in Michigan.

Quick Facts Table

NameMike LaFleur
WifeLauren LaFleur
ParentsKristi and Denny LaFleur
SiblingsMatt LaFleur
Net WorthUSD 1 million

Mike LaFleur Married Lauren Ball Twelve Years Ago

Mike LaFleur wedded his wife, Lauren Ball, in July 2010. Two months ago, the pair celebrated their 12th marriage anniversary.

Mike LaFleur has been married to Lauren Ball since 2010.
Mike LaFleur has been married to Lauren Ball since 2010. ( Source : heavy )

As per the Morning Sun, Pastor Mark Christian officiated Mike's and Lauren's double-ring wedding ceremony. The best man in the celebration was no other than Mike's brother, Matt.

The couple is made for each other, as Lauren is usually seen supporting her husband's professional career as a coach. She has made plenty of appearances in the stadium, especially whenever the Jets have played their important games of the season.

Mike LaFleur's Wife: Who Is Lauren Ball?

Lauren Ball, the wife of Mike LaFleur, is also a native of Michigan. She is the daughter of Michael and Cathryn Ball of Mt. Pleasant. 

Mike Lafleur and his wife at a football stadium.
Mike Lafleur and his wife at a football stadium. ( Source : heavy )

Ball and Mike went to the same school, Mt. Pleasant Senior High School. For graduation, Lauren went to Elmhurst College. She has graduated with a marketing degree and has previously worked for the Fifth Third Bank Marketing Department.

Mike, in particular, does not use Instagram. However, he frequently shares his memories with his family on Facebook.

Mike LaFleur And His Brother Matt LaFleur Wrestled During Their Childhood

Mike LaFleur is younger than his brother, Matt LaFleur. He was born in 1987 and is currently in his late thirties.

His brother, Matt, is 42 years old in 2022, as he was born on November 3, 1979, in Mount Pleasant, Michigan.

There is no considerable age gap between the brothers; both attended Mount Pleasant High School. In the late 90s, the brothers played football during their school and college days.  Matt mostly played wide receiver, while Mike played in multiple positions.

Mike earned three letters while playing quarterback and safety for Elmhurst in college and has served as the team captain numerous times. He graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Physical Education.

Matt LaFleur (back) talks to his younger brother Mike (front) AP
Matt LaFleur (back) talks to his younger brother Mike (front) AP ( Source : nypost )

Mike has described a notable difference between him and his elder brother. As mentioned in the LA Times, he said: “I can put a smile on my face even when I don’t want to. Where Matt, I would say, wears his emotions on his sleeve.”

Likewise, Matt, upon hearing the words of his younger brother, has replied jokingly that he saw his brother as a "Pest". He told the LA Times, “I obviously just looked up to him and wanted to be around him all the time. But he didn’t want anything to do with an elementary kid.”

His Elder Brother Is Coaching Green Bay Packers

Mike and Matt have previously worked together on the staff of the Atlanta Falcons. Back then, Matt was the Quarterback coach, and Mike worked as the offensive coordinator's assistant. 

On January 8, 2019, the Packers announced that LaFleur, 39, would take over as their permanent head coach instead of McCarthy. His contract was for four years. The Titans' offensive coordinator was LaFleur.He previously held offensive coordinator positions in Los Angeles and as a quarterbacks coach in Atlanta.

The 42-year-old had previously been with teams like the Houston Texans, Washington Redskins, Notre Dame, Atlanta Falcons, Los Angeles Rams, and Tennessee Titans.

There were also strong speculations on social media that Mike could someday join his brother at the Green Bay Packer.

However, NBC Sports has stated that it is unlikely two brothers will work on the same page. The reason is that both the brothers are pretty content with their respective job and positions at two different clubs. It is also positive to see that the brothers see themselves slightly competitively. 

Who Are Mike LaFleur's Parents?

Mike and Matt LaFleur's parents are Kristi (mother) and Denny LaFleur. Their family roots run deep in Michigan, and they settled in the small town of Mt. Pleasant.

Mike's father, Denny, has played football for Central Michigan. He was a popular linebacker who helped his team win the  1974 Division II national championship.

His father's athletic career has played as a motivation for Mike to be passionate about sports. On the other hand, his mother, Kristi, who's been married to Denny for the last thirty years, also enjoys football and sports.

As per the Heavy, Kristi was a cheerleader during her high school day. His maiden name is Barringer, and she is the daughter of former Kalamazoo Loy Norrix's coach, Bob Barringer, who was prominent in the 1960s and 1970s.

After retirement from sports, Denny pursues his career in the education sector. He has been a teacher and coach in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan, since 1998 and is still very active in the sector. At the same time, Kristin worked as a cheer, softball, and basketball coach. Both parents of Mike have attended the University of Michigan.

Denny and Kristi LaFleur, Matt LaFleur’s parents, with sons Matt and Mike.
Denny and Kristi LaFleur, Matt LaFleur’s parents, with sons Matt and Mike. ( Source : heavy )

In a rare interview, Mike stated that his family home resembled the Meet The Fockers. As mentioned in the Tennessean, the offensive coordinator has said that his childhood was filled with “family memorabilia and achievements.”

Kristi, their mother, recounted how Mike and Matt used to fight as kids. She said to The Los Angeles Times, "It drove me insane!" The elder of the two brothers is Matt LaFleur. The brothers are still close today and speak on the phone frequently. gan

The parents of Mike and Matt LaFleur are still residing in Mount Pleasant. They very often attend the games of the New York Jets and Packers as well.

The Times reported in 2017 that Mike's family gets divided whenever he and his brothers represent their respective teams.

Mike LaFleur Shares A Daughter With His Wife

Mike LaFleur has a young daughter with his wife, Lauren. He has named his daughter Addison.

LaFleur and his wife and daughter travel a lot due to his profession. But Lauren's Facebook page suggests that she has been living in Cornelius, North Carolina.

Similarly, Mike's best man, Matt, is happily married to his wife, Breanne LaFleur, a former pharmaceutical representative. Two reportedly met in college and now are raising their two sons.

Mike Lafleur with his wife, and daughter.
Mike Lafleur with his wife, and daughter. ( Source : heavy )

Mike LaFleur is also very close to Matt LaFleur's sons, his nephews Luke and Ty. 

Luke was 17 months old in 2012. An article on stated that while LaFleur had to work for Thanksgiving, BreAnne and Luke would "spend the holiday with family in Michigan, keeping an eye on the Redskins." 

Unlike Mike, Matt is active on Instagram. He shares lots of stuff related to the NFL on his handle @gbmattlafleur, which has amassed 5,037 followers at the time of writing.

Mike LaFleur & Matt LaFleur's Salary Comparison

On average, an offensive coordinator like Mike LaFleur earns an annual salary of USD 1 million, per the Career Explore Guide. Nevertheless, the accurate figures that LaFleur earns have not been documented anywhere.

As per Career Explore, Tony Elliott was the highest-paid offensive coordinator in the sport last season, making $2.125 million. It is not surprising that Mike earned a similar salary last year with the Newyork Jets.

Both the LaFleur brothers have earned well as a football coach.
Both the LaFleur brothers have earned well as a football coach. ( Source : clutchpoints )

In 2006 and 2007, Mike was a quarterback for the Bluejays. He then started each of the Bluejays' ten games at safety in 2008. [1] He was a team captain and a three-time letter winner at Elmhurst

Before the Jets and San Francisco, LaFleur worked as an offensive coach in Atlanta for two seasons, coaching the tight ends and guiding the wide receivers. He has also worked for teams like Atlanta Falcons, Cleveland Browns, Davidson College, Saint Joseph's College, and Elmhurst. 

Meanwhile, as a headcoach and having a longer career than Mike, Matt earns around USD 5 million annually. NBC Sports has placed him fourteenth as the highest earning coach in the NFL. Above him is Kliff Kingsbury, with USD 5.5 million in earnings, and below lies Zac Taylor, who is getting USD 4.5 million per year. He temporarily served as the Omaha Beef's backup quarterback in the National Indoor Football League before signing with the Billings Outlaws in Montana the following summer.

Mike LaFleur's Net Worth In 2022

Mike LaFleur's net worth is estimated to be above USD 1 million, assuming his coaching career.

In 2009, Mike began working as an offensive assistant with the quarterbacks at his alma mater, Elmhurst College. Other duties included managing the scout team, offensive game planning, and film study.

As per, Mike is destined to be a good NFL head coach. His foundations are in creativity, unpredictability, and the art of leverage.

Most NFL analyst has said that Mike's style is the mixture of Hall-of-Famer Bill Walsh and his West Coast Offense and Joe Gibbs’ famous Counter-Gap running play.

Meanwhile, his brother, Matt, is among the wealthiest football coaches. According to Clutch Point, Matt's net worth of USD 7 million in 2022.

In terms of economy, Matt has earned more compared to Mike. It is because he has been present longer in the coaching industry. Nevertheless, both brothers have succeeded in the National Football League coaching ranks.