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Natasha Francis In BBC The Bidding Room, 5 Facts You Need To Know

Natasha Francis Played An Antiques Dealer On The BBC One Show The Bidding Room
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Natasha Francis has gained immense popularity recently due to her association with The Bidding Room on BBC One, where she portrayed a dealer.

The Bidding Room has one of the best average viewerships for noon television programs worldwide due to its phenomenally successful second season. The audience's reactions indicate that Natasha is receiving more encouragement from her than the other show characters.

Who is Natasha Francis In The BBC Biding Room?

Natasha not only participates in the BBC show as a dealer but also runs a company called The Urban Vintage Affair. This lifestyle company sells one-of-a-kind antiques, vintage, and handcrafted things on social media platforms like Instagram.

The London-based antique collector wants to engage with young people because he believes that everyone should be able to appreciate them. In addition to this, she collects antique and ancient artifacts, which gives her a realistic feeling.

She particularly enjoys collecting furniture, other antique items, and memorabilia from the Edwardian era. Additionally, the retailer gets a lot of joy from recycling discarded products, such as buying used bags and lockers and putting them to new uses.

5 Quick Facts On Natasha Francis

As a designer for several well-known apparel companies, including Tommy Hilfiger, All Saints, and Pringle of Scotland, Natasha began her career in the fashion sector.

She had a successful career in the fashion industry, developing her sourcing and development skills before switching to the financial market.

She had a sweet spot in her heart for handmade or vintage items even though the fashion business was booming. She seems like an interesting character in BBC One's The Bidding Room. Here are some quick facts about the British dealer.

Age30 to 40
Maratial StatusSupposedly Unmarried
Height5 feet 11 inches

  • Natasha is in her 30s, but her actual date of birth is unknown as she never revealed her details to the public. However, she is a cast member in The Bidding Room's second season, which has won much praise from critics. She is one of eight merchants present in the showroom.
  •  It is still unclear whether she is married or still enjoying her single life in 2022. seeing from a distance, she doesn't seem to be involved in any relationship as she has never been spotted with a partner in public and has never disclosed one's existence to her fans via social media. 
  • Natasha holds British nationality, but her origin is still unknown. She is from an African background, but she never discussed her family publicly, so her origin is unknown to the general public. She has also not spoken about the place where she was born. 
  • Francis is the owner and operator of The Urban Vintage Affair, a lifestyle company that offers unique antique, vintage, and handcrafted items for modern living. In 2017, The Urban Vintage Affair was established as a medium for Francis to fulfill her passion as an art collector. Since then, the company has won the prestigious Small Business Sunday award and the WOW Award for outstanding Woman in Business, thanks to Theo Paphitis of Dragons' Den.
  • Natasha is anticipated to have a three million dollar net worth in 2022. She stands about 5 feet 11 inches tall and is an ordinary English-African woman. Even though she hasn't provided any information on her height or weight, we may infer from her looks that she weighs approximately 70 kg. Natasha has never disclosed any of her personal financial information to the public. Despite this, he is today regarded as one of the world's top antique dealers in terms of reputation and financial standing.