Who is Nicole Tarantini? Actress Whereabouts In 2022

Nicole Tarantini was a part of Whatever It Takes.

Nicole Tarantini is an actress known for her roles in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and Diagnosis: Murder.

Who Is Nicole Tarantini?

Nicole Tarantini is an actress recognized for her performance as Marnie in the film Whatever It Takes, released in 2000.

Shane West, Marla Sokoloff, Jodi Lyn O'Keefe, and James Franco starred in the movie, an American teen comedy film directed by David Rayner and produced in the United States. On March 31, 2000, it was made available to the public in the United States. The movie's plot is a contemporary adaptation of the play Cyrano de Bergerac, which Edmond Rostand wrote.


In addition, Nicole has appeared in several other programs. Both CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and Diagnosis: Murder has aired episodes that include her as a guest star. In addition, she has appeared in films including "Whatever It Takes" and "My Boyfriend's Back."

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Nicole Tarantini Filmography

During the 1973 season of "The Young and the Restless," Nicole Tarantini portrayed Mackenzie on the show. 1993's "Diagnosis Murder" cast her in the role of Carla Padilla.

She played the character of Marnie in the 2000 film "Whatever It Takes." She had a recurring role as Jill Wentworth in the 2000 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation season. In 2000, she portrayed Jody Pierce on "Boston Public." She performed the Customer role in the 2003 film "All of Us."

Here are the shows and movies that Nicole Tarantini has been a part of.

Nicole Tarantini Filmography
Movie/Series Year Role Episode
Whatever It Takes 2000 Marnie -
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation 2000 Jill Wentworth Pledging Mr. Johnson
Diagnosis Murder 2000 Carla Padilla The Cradle Will Rock
Boston Public 2001 Jody Pierce Chapter Ten
The Young And The Restless 2001 Mackenzie Episode #1.7128
All Of Us 2006 Customer Pass The Peas
Kitchen Confidential 2006 Beautiful Woman #1 Praise Be Praise

Nicole has been a guest star in all the shows and movies she has been a part of. After 2006, Nicole Tarantini did not appear in any films or television shows.

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Nicole Tarantini In The Young And The Restless

Nicole played the role of Mackenzie in The Young And The Restless.

The fictional character Mackenzie Browning appears in the television soap opera The Young and the Restless, which airs on CBS. Clementine Ford was the most recent actor to take on the role, performing it from April 1, 2009, to November 5, 2010.

Nicole Tarantini In Boston Public

In 2001, Nicole Tarantini appeared in Chapter Ten of the book Boston Public as Jody Pierce.

Chapter Ten is when we see Nicole as Jody.

Sheryl Holt reveals the affair that has been going on between Milton and Lisa behind their backs on her website in Chapter Ten. Harper suspects Buttle's sexual involvement, so she confronts him about it. Buttle denies wrongdoing and claims that he and Lisa have created a "Shakespeare Club." Harper is still suspicious.

On the other hand, Riley is currently dealing with another potentially explosive scenario in which an unknown bully has badly battered three male students. In the meantime, Marylin has a hunch that one of the students in her class is a victim of incest when the student writes a "fictional" essay about her father abusing her when she was younger. Guber confronts Lipschultz with the accusation that he is a racist while simultaneously asking him to quit his position.

Nicole Tarantini Net Worth

Nicole Tarantini's Net Worth is estimated to be around $500,000.

Her net worth results from her appearances in several series and movies.