Nitro Circus Host Jolene Van Vugt Accident, Stuntwoman Nearly Died As She Shares Her Experience

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Jolene Van Vugt has suffered several accidents in her stunt career, but the 2015 Nitro Circus disaster may be the worst. Find out more details about the incident below.

Jolene Van Vugt is a stuntwoman and motocross rider from Canada. She is widely known as the Nitro Girl.

The stuntwoman holds the record of being the first woman to backflip a full-sized dirt bike. She is also the first CMRC Women’s Candian Motocross National Champion.

Jolene is widely known for her performances in The Matrix Resurrections(2021), The Dark Knight Rises(2012), and The Man in the High Castle(2019).

Nitro Circus: Jolene Van Vugt Accident Video-What Happened To Her?

Jolene Van Vugt’s accident video has resurfaced on the web. Vugt suffered grave injuries in Nitro Circus, a TV series that showcases stunts and skills. She appeared in the show for the first time in 2006.

In 2015, she sustained severe injuries during training for Nitro Circus Tour. The unfortunate accident unfolded when she tried to do a ramp jump using a slingshot.

Her forehead, eye socket, nose, right arm, and jaw suffered the most. She underwent several reconstructive surgeries to recover from the terrible accident.

Jolene agrees the 2015 accident was indeed one of the most horrible injuries, perhaps the worst. Regardless, she did not lose her confidence and came back stronger.

Jolene Van Vugt Husband And Family

Jolene Van Vugt has not shared any details about her husband. Some online sources suggest that she does not have any kids.

She was previously rumoured to be dating Jim DeChamp, a co-star at Nitro Circus. However, this report was never confirmed, and she may be single at the moment.

Jolene was born to parents Tina Van Vught and Bill Van Vugt on September 17, 1980. 

The stuntwoman grew up with her siblings and family in London, Ontario. Her father, Bill, hooked her to motocross racing.

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Jolene Van Vugt Net Worth

Jolene Van Vugt has an estimated net worth of around $2 million. She has stunt credits in several popular movies like The Matrix Resurrections.

Her primary source of income is TV shows, brand endorsements, and side businesses. She is an ambassador at Polaris Inc.

The 41-year-old is online on both Instagram and Twitter. She goes by the username @jolenevanvugt on Insta.

Her verified page has 233k followers, and she has posted 3383 pictures on her handle. Moreover, you may also follow her on Twitter at @jolenevenvugt63.

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