What Is Wrexham Football Club Manager Phil Parkinson Salary? He Has Been Married To His Wife For 13 Years

Phil Parkinson was appointed as the manager of Wrexham FC in the year 2021.
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Wrexham Manager Phil Parkinson takes home an estimated salary of $278K. His wife of thirteen years and daughter hopes his wage will increase.

After reviewing over sixty applicants, Parkinson was appointed to take over the manager position of National League side Wrexham in 2021 by Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney.

They initially mentioned his contract for 12 months. Fans became interested in Parkinson after episodes 3 and 4 of Welcome to Wrexham was released.

Wrexham Football Club Manager Phil Parkinson Salary

Wrexham Football Club Manager Phil Parkinson receives a salary of around £234,000. His wage is roughly $278,343 in US Dollars.

Wrexham is paying three players a combined annual salary of £546k if the salaries of the three significant signings they made last summer are as high as alleged. 

Mullin earns £4.5k per week, while Hayden and Tozer both make £3k. That is even before bonuses are considered. 

Phil Parkinson earns a good salary as the head coach of Wrexham FC.
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As a head coach, Phil stands to earn more than the players. Assuming he is being paid £4.5k per week, he takes home an annual salary of around £234,000.

Reynolds and McElhenney, according to the Mirror, have made significant purchases at the club. They entered with an estimated net worth of $200 million.

Phil Parkinson's Net Worth & Career Earnings

Phil Parkinson is a multimillionaire with a net worth of $10 million. 

Before being a football manager, he earned fortunes as a player for clubs like Bury and Reading. 

He had a stellar football career, appeared in 501 professional matches, and netted 25 career goals before hanging up his cleats. 

Parkinson won the Player of the Year award at Reading FC in both the 1997–1998 and 1998–1999 campaigns. He was selected together with Adam le Fondre as Reading FC's top player of the year. 

He made his debut with Bury after rising as a player at Southampton. He jumped to Reading where he spent more than a decade.

Phil after winning the League Two play-offs final.
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After retiring as a player, he took up his first managerial position at Colchester United. In 2006, he led the teams to Football League Championship.

Soon, he jumped ship to Hull City and then Charlton Athletic. Although he joined as an assistant, he replaced Alan Pardew as manager.

However, he gained national recognition as a manager at Bradford City. Phil was soon a household name after leading the Bantams to the 2012/13 League Cup Final. He won the League Two Manager of the Month award in December 2011.

Coach Phil Parkinson Has Been Married To His Wife For Over A Decade

Phil Parkinson has been married to his wife for 13 years. They are parents to one daughter.

Phil and his wife had their wedding ceremony on September 18, 2009. He was in hot water with his wife after he forgot their tenth anniversary.

According to his tweet, Phil asked his wife "what's the date today?" when filling out their daughter's reading diary for school. 

To make up for forgetting such an important date, he took her to a spa for a day of relaxation. 

He still had yet to learn from his mistake, as he asked for the date again when filling out the health and safety form on arrival.

"We're now at a spa for the day so hopefully all is okay. However guess what this idiot asked his wife when filling the health and safety form in on arrival! I need to tattoo the date on my forehead."

As mentioned in The Coaches Voice, Parkinson likes to walk his dog in his free time. He also loves to drive with his wife for a pub lunch. The football coach says doing this has helped him fight against anxiety and pressure.