Philippe Azoulay Realisateur, What You Need To Know About The Director

Philippe Azoulay is a well-known movie-documentaries Realisateur(director). Is he on Wikipedia? The most common inquiry about him is this. To understand everything there is to know, read this article thoroughly.

Philippe Azoulay is a director, actor, and editor. He worked as an assistant film editor for the well-known Sygma TV press agency before becoming an editor & camera reporter. In 1986, he appeared in his debut documentary film, "The President's 80 Musketeers," about a student insurrection in France.

He also shot music bands on tour and directed several music videos. Then he created Rosebud Productions, a film production firm. Azoulay directed short & medium-length fiction films & screened them at various film festivals.

Philippe Azoulay Realisateur(Director) Wikipedia Biographie: Details To Know

Philippe Azoulay is well-recognized as a movie-documentaries Realisateur(director). According to his Wikipedia, he is also an activist who has participated in social/environmental campaigns & vents such as "One billion rising," "Summit of Conscience," & "24-hour ocean meditation."

Similarly, Azoulay has produced & directed several television programs publicized on main European networks, including Canal+, Channel 4, ART TV, MTV, TF, & Paris Premiere. 

His review & trailer for "Tourner pour Vivre," a documentary starring Jean, Claude, & Anouk, was released on May 11, 2022. In the meaning of life, Philippe produces documentaries & traverses the globe. 

Az You Like Films was his second producing firm after that. "Shoot to Live" was directed by him. Many others accompanied him on his journey to create this unique documentary film.

Philippe Azoulay's Age: How Old Is Director?

A director, Philippe Azoulay, seems around 60 years old, judging by his images and work experience. However, he has not unveiled his exact date of birth to the public. 

Philippe Azoulay, a director, was commissioned to create, produce, & direct a video ad for the 50th anniversary of the Paris Match press magazine. "50 seconds for 50 years" was a critically praised film. Over a thousand pictures were manually altered frame by frame to make it.

Azoulay showed a range of documentary "genres" to the audience, ranging from discovery and adventure to his love of movies.

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Philippe Azoulay Wife/Partner: Is He Married?

Philippe Azoulay has kept his wife's identity a secret. He prefers to keep his details confidential. Therefore little is known about him. He is also not active on social media, so finding information about his married life is more challenging.

Talking about his net worth and salary, Azoulay has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million. Nevertheless, no websites have revealed his exact salary.

Azoulay's income derives from his work as a director & actor. He has collected a sizable net worth to date.

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