Who Is Pia Thunderbolt? Meet The Cast Of Three Thousand Years of Longing

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Find out more about the cast of Three Thousand Years of Longing, Pia Thunderbolt more personally, and also about her contribution to the entertainment field.

Pia Thunderbolt will be portraying the role of Ezgi, in the upcoming fantasy romance drama, Three Thousand Years od Longing. It is all about how a lonely scholar meets a Djinn, on a vacation to Istanbul who grants her three desires in exchange for his freedom.

Her fans are really excited to see her in the soon releasing drama.

Also, find the actress on Instagram to learn more about her through her username, @piathunderbolt.

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Who Is Pia Thunderbolt? Wikipedia Bio

Pia Thunderbolt has been in the acting sector for quite a while now, although information about the actress has not been shared on Wikipedia yet.

Instead, a very short detail about her and her work is available on the IMDb page.

The actress seems to be very secretive when it comes to her personal life. Despite her social media handles, no other platform seems to have much information about the actress.

She is, nevertheless, working hard to achieve the goal that the actress has always desired: to give as much as possible to the entertainment business.

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Pia Thunderbolt Age: How Old Is The Actress?

Pia Thunderbolt looks like she is somewhere in her 20s and 30s, as the actress hasn't shared anything about her exact date of birth.

However, she seems to be very interested in acting ever since she was young. 

Besides acting, Pia has also contributed as a model for a very long time and is still doing.

Pia is an actress who has appeared in films such as Three Thousand Years of Longing in the year 2022 and Here Out West also in 2022, as per her IMDb profile.

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More About Pia Thunderbolt Boyfriend & Family Background

The actress Pia Thunderbolt was born and brought up in Australia. She grew up with her family and loved ones over there.

Although she has chosen to keep her family matter out of the public eye, they must be very proud of their daughter's achievement.

Along with that, Pia seems to be very much focused on lifting her career more instead of dealing with relationships and kinds of stuff. Since the actress has kept her love life lowkey, it is hard to figure out whether she is in a relationship or not.

Hopefully, the actress decides to open up more about herself so that her well-wishers will get to know her more.

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