Before And After Photos Of Roberto Firmino Teeth- Explore His New Looks

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Roberto Firmino definitely has fixed his teeth, as there is an astonishing difference in the before and after photos. Please take a look at his new and improved teeth.

Roberto Firmino plays as a forward or attacking midfielder for Premier League club Liverpool and the Brazil national team.

In November 2014, Roberto made his international debut for Brazil in November 2014. He then went on to represent the nation at the 2015 Copa América, the 2018 FIFA World Cup, the 2019 Copa América and the 2021 Copa América.

Roberto Firmino Teeth Before And After

Roberto Firmino's teeth before and after have made a huge difference. He apparently had one major yellow front tooth which may be the result of some damage to his teeth or poor mouth hygiene.

His other teeth were also pale and looked unhealthy, but the star player had changed his entire mouth structure. Thanks to his doctor, his smile looks much better and he even has good oral health.

Though his best-known ability is kicking a ball around a football pitch really well, his second-most distinctive is his gleaming grin.

He wanted a new bright smile but not super white teeth. Many of his mates were jealous of his new, improved feature, so they also decided to get their teeth fixed.

Did Roberto Firmino Get His Teeth Fixed?

Yes, Roberto Firmino got his teeth fixed, and it is better than ever. All the credit goes to Robbie Hughes as he was the one who gave him his sparkling smile.

Robbie is a cosmetic dentist who has made members of the Liverpool squad picture perfect for their upcoming Champions League and Premier League-winning photos.

Roberto once stated that his talent caused his dentist, Robbie, to become his agent and boosted his career even forward.

Since then, more and more clients are piling up on his doorsteps. He has worked with Lucas Leiva, Firmino, Jurgen Klopp, Alberto Moreno, Phil Coutinho, Sadio Mane, and Jordan Henderson.

Roberto Firmino Net Worth 2022

Roberto Firmino has a net worth of $30 million dollars. All his earnings are attributed to his career as a footballer.

As he worked hard to become a world-class footballer, he now has achieved fame as well as prosperity.

No wonder earning that much amount, fixing up his teeth, and placing veneers was not such a big deal.

He accentuated his appearance more than ever with his striking, radiant smiles.