Rochelle Stein: What To Know About Donald Sterling Wife's Net Worth In 2022

Donald Sterling with Rochelle Stein
Donald Sterling with Rochelle Stein( Source : bfa )

Donald Sterling started his family with his wife, Rochelle Stein, in 1955, following many ups and downs in the relationship. 

An American businessman Sterling earned his fame after owning the professional franchise of the NBA Los Angeles Clippers. He held the basketball team from 1981 to 2014 until he got banned from the NBA, with a $2.5 million fine. 

Besides all his fame in sports, he is also an American attorney who made a name in public and often caught the media's attention with several controversies. Alongside his career, he also started investing in real estate, his large ventures. Nevertheless, he earned his most significant time as a public figure with NBA ownership. 

However, the NBA ownership not only bought him fame but also loads of criticism. At the time, ESPN The Magazine named the club Clippers the worst franchise; meanwhile, Sporting News, The New York Times, and Forbes called him the worst owner in sports. Following his end time in NBA, he faced several lawsuits while his career remained in jeopardy. 

Besides the high and low in his professional life, he is also better known for his relationship with his wife, Rochelle Stein, with whom he remained estranged for years.

Birth Date 26 April, 1934 (88-years-old)
HometownChicago, Illinois, US
WifeRochelle Stein (m. 1955)
ChildrenScott Sterling, Joanna Sterling, Chris Sterling
ParentsMickey Tokowitz, Susan Tokowitz

Who Is Donald Sterling Wife Rochelle Stein?  

Donald Sterling tied a knot with his wife Rochelle Stein in 1955, and they have been together despite all the ups and downs. While tieing a knot, his partner was only 21 years of age. 

Rochelle was born on 2 September 1934 in a Jewish family. She grew up in her hometown Wilmington, California, with her parents; however, as time flew by, she completed her education in Los Angeles at Roosevelt High School and graduated. 

Then, she met her future husband and took an interest in his real estate holdings. She first took a step by investing in Beverly Hills apartments. The couple was happily married, sharing three kids in the family until Sterling and Shelly became estranged in 2012. 

Before that, Donald was in a relationship with a woman, Alexandra Castro. They signed a contract with an agreement that "(he) is happily married, has a family, and has no intention of engaging in any activity inconsistent with his domestic relationship."

Regardless of all drama, Rochelle and Donald were together until they lost their connection following a dispute. Sterling moved to his luxurious mansion in Beverly Hills, California, while his wife stayed in Malibu, California's beach house. 

However, they resolved their dispute in 2016 after almost filing for divorce. At the time, Donald's attorney Bobby Samini commented, "notwithstanding all the difficult events of the last two years, the Sterlings have resolved their differences."

Moreover, it was Rochelle who handled the property of the Los Angeles Clippers and sold it on his behalf after the doctor regarded him as mentally unstable to lead the Sterling family Trust financial matters. Besides all the popularity and relationship with her husband, Stein is well-familiar as one of the most powerful women in real estate. 

Donald Sterling with his wife Rochelle Stein
Donald Sterling with his wife Rochelle Stein ( Source : crazum )

She herself is a billionaire who owns luxurious mansions and has dealt with several properties. Going through all the uncertainties, Stein and Sterling stayed with each other and been together for almost seven decades. They had struggled for years in their marriage and finally solved their difference.  

Rochelle is known as a strong woman who stayed with Sterling despite the hard times and struggles. Moreover, she looked after her children and became one of the strongest women in the real estate world. 

Donald Sterling Net Worth In 2022

Donald Sterling is a billionaire with an approximate net worth of roughly $4 billion. He is an attorney and a businessman, best known for owning the NBA franchise, The Los Angeles Clippers, for over thirty-three years. Meanwhile his wife, Rochelle expected net worth is roughly $1 billion.

Besides that, Sterling has fame in the real estate industry as a prominent investor who owns thousands of apartment units. He mainly earned a fortune from his investment in Los Angeles city buildings. Also, he now resides in his luxurious residence in Beverly Hills, California, living a lavish lifestyle. 

In 2015, he became news when he asked V. Stiviano, his former companion, to return over $2.6 million in cash and gifts to the Sterling Family Trust. It includes $1.8 million worth of homes, luxury cars worth more than $800,000, and cash gifts. 

While Stiviano and Sterling were associates for more than two years, he gifted her a Range Rover, A Ferrari, a Bentley, and a Los Angeles duplex worth $1.8 million. 

Donald Sterling Wealth During NBA Ownership

Donald Sterling bought the NBA franchise Clippers based in San Diego in 1981 for roughly $12.5 million. He owned the team from 1981 to 2014, then got compelled to sell the club for $2 billion. 

By the time he gained NBA ownership, Sterling already owned hundreds of apartment buildings, whose value was rising. After few years after buying the Clippers, in 1984, he tried to move the team from San Diego to Los Angeles, regardless of not getting approval from NBA. Ignoring the situation, he moved the Clippers, getting a fine of $25 million. 

However, instead of settling the fine, Donald sued for $100 million NBA. The matter got solved after his fine from $25 million was dropped to $6 million. In 2013, right before a year, he left the ownership, the team Clippers got assumed to have a worth of $700 million. 

While he owned the team for over three decades, in between the time, in 2000, Sports Illustrated mentioned that he possessed the Malibu Yacht Club, scores of apartments in Beverly Hills, and the Beverly Comstock Hotel. When he brought the Clippers, he then stated that "I'm in San Diego to stay and committed to making the city proud of the Clippers. I'll build the Clippers through the draft, free agency, trades, spending whatever it takes to make a winner." 

Likewise, in 1996, he invested in the landmark former MGM headquarters in Beverly Hills, with French antiques and furnishing rooms. Regardless of having NBA ownership, for decades, most of his wealth comes from his real estate business. 

Donald Sterling
Donald Sterling ( Source : time )

Donald Sterling Wealth After NBA Ownership

By 2014, Donald Sterling had already made fortunes, adding to his wealth. The same year, he forcefully left his NBA ownership after making negative remarks and got banned from the league and NBA games with a $2.5 million fine.
He again had to pay $17.3 million to actress Robyn Cohen for the lack of an adequate fire detection system in the apartment building he owned where she lived. Despite all the downfall of his wealth, Sterling still managed to add up to his luxurious life with his real estate business. 

At the time of selling clippers, his estimated net worth of around $2 billion got expected to rise to $2.2 billion. However, as per Forbes, his net worth at the present time is roughly $4.1 billion. Even after leaving Clippers and the lawsuit settlement, he owns thousands of apartment buildings and luxurious estates in Beverly Hills and owns fancy cars.  

As per Sportscasting, he had a worth of roughly around $3.6 billion in 2020, while Forbes also ranked him on no. 207 over the list of the 400 wealthiest Americans. He is a billionaire who shares a lavish and comfortable lifestyle with his wife and family. 

Even though he lost NBA ownership, it didn't affect his wealth, yet holding a massive amount of capital. One thing is for sure, whether it's before NBA ownership or after Donald earned a fortune from his real estate investments. He is now an 88-years-old one of the wealthiest American men. 

Also, he used to be an accomplished trial lawyer when he invested in the first West Hollywood property. Since the beginning, he has been sticking to his real estate business till now. 

Donald Sterling
Donald Sterling ( Source : salon )

Who Are Donald Sterling Kids? 

Donald Sterling and his wife Rochelle Stein shares three kids named Chris, Scott, and Joanna. The children are all grown up with an accomplished life besides Scott, who sadly departed from this world in 2013 due to a drug overdose. 

Donald and Rochelle are now the grandparents of four grandkids named Hannah, Luke, Ava, and Sofia. Their only daughter Joanna Sterling is currently 51 years of age and is happily married to her husband, Eric James Miller. 

Donald Sterling
Donald Sterling ( Source : foxnews )

At the time, Eric was the director of Basketball Administration but voluntarily left his position when Sterling left the team. Before that, he graduated from Cal State Northridge and worked for seven years in the San Fernando Valley as a CPA. 

His other child, Chris, prefers to live a private and low-profile life, out of the media and public reach. Nevertheless, 2013 was a tragedy for the Sterling family when they lost their member. Scott left this world early, at 32 years of age; he took his last breath in Malibu, CA. 

Meet Donald Sterling Family On Instagram

Donald Sterling was born on 26 April 1934 in Chicago, Illinois, the U.S. He grew up with his parents, Mickey, and Susan, who were Jewish immigrants. When he was two years old, his family settled in the Boyle Heights area. 

Growing up, he enrolled in Theodore Roosevelt High School in Los Angeles. He was on the school's gymnastics team in Los Angeles and served as class president. Later, in 1952, he completed his graduation, then went to California State University, Los Angeles. His parents, on the other hand, supported him in his passion and let him chase his dream. 

Donald Sterling
Donald Sterling ( Source : edition )

Although the Sterling family pictures are available to the public, neither he nor his wife is on Instagram or any other social media platforms. Neither his children, Chris Sterling and Joanna Sterling, was found on the social media platforms.