Who Is Ruben Bontekoe? Everything We Know About The Entrepreneur

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Many admirers of Nikkie Plessen are eager to find out whether her husband, Ruben Bontekoe is on Wikipedia or not. Let's discuss this topic below.

Ruben Bontekoe is an entrepreneur and also businessman. His name came to fame after being connected to his wife.

Is Ruben Bontekoe On Wikipedia?

No, Ruben Bontekoe isn't available on the official site of Wikipedia. He was the Chairman of the Armo Dock Levellers Association. 

Nikkie Plessen, a Dutch actress and television presenter, is his wife. Nikkie Fashion was founded by her. 

Armo is an Italian company that specializes in logistics and loading bays. It was formed in 1972. For lifting tables, dock levelers, and loading bay equipment, Armo is the European market leader.

Ruben Bontekoe Leeftijd - How Old Is He?

Ruben Bontekoe's exact leeftijd isn't available on the Web but he seems to be in his fifties. Some sources have stated that he was born in the year 1970.

Bontekoe was in charge of Armo's Dutch business. Later, he owned Axess, a firm that operated in the same market.

He and his wife co-founded the fashion label Nikkie Fashion in 2012. His wife's products can be found in hundreds of shops and points of sale throughout the globe. 

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What Is Ruben Bontekoe Net Worth?

Ruben Bontekoe's individual account is still under review. But some sources revealed that the couple has a net worth of over $100 Million.

There is no official confirmation of this news though. His income sources haven't been opened up to the public yet.

The yacht Jolie X is owned by this couple. The boat was named after their daughter, Angelina Jolie. Nikkie has a lot of images on her Instagram account that clearly show the yacht.

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