Who Is Sterenn Le Guillou Of Ahez Band? Meet Eurovision 2022 Grand Finalist

Sterenn Le Guillou is a 26-year-old singer of the Ahez band who has teamed up with Alvan to represent France in Eurovision 2022. 

France has won Eurovision five times, with the first one being in 1958 and the last one in 1977. However, Barbara Pravi's stunning performance of Voilà last year was the only time France made the top three in this century.

France is hoping to regain its success and is banking on the charms of Alvan and Ahez.

Alexis Morvan-Rosius (Alvan), a 29-year-old musician from Rennes in Britanny, has collaborated with a Breton vocal trio comprised of Marine Lavigne, Sterenn Diridollou, and Sterenn Le Guillou.

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Who Is Sterenn Le Guillou Of Ahez Band? 

Sterenn Le Guillou is a singer from Carhaix, Brittany, France, who formed the vocal group Ahez in 2018 with members Marine Lavigne, and Sterenn Dirdollou.

The energetic lot are from Kan Ha Diskan and have been singing since middle school. The group is known for its renditions of Breton folk songs.

They performed at the Festival Interceltique de Lorient and Glasgow's Celtic Connections. The band Ahez writes songs in Breton about current events and regional myths.

The band is currently representing France in Eurovision 2022 and has made it to the finals. France has competed in Eurovision 63 times since its inception in 1956. The most recent victory occurred in 1977, which was 45 years ago.

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What Is The Age Of Sterenn Le Guillou?  

Sterenn Le Guillou is 26 years of age. She attended Diwan middle school and went to high school in Carhaix. On October 13, 2018, she rocked the crowd at the fest-noz des Arts Nouveaux in the foyer at 9 p.m.

 Le Guillou is used to singing in Breton and is proud of the diversity of her country. She learned the language as a child along with the other two members of the band Ahez. 

Ahez has chosen Fulenn as their song for the Finals. Fulenn is sung entirely in Breton and combines traditional Breton chant with electronic music.

Will Alvan and Ahez take first place and bring home the victory?

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What Is The Ethnicity Of Sterenn Le Guillou? Meet Her Family

Sterenn Le Guillou has not revealed any personal information about herself, including her ethnicity. France is regarded as an ethnically diverse country but is highly likely Sterenn belongs to the white ethnic group. 

Sterenn is not so vocal when it comes to talking about her family and as it is, we have a hard time picturing if she is an only child or has siblings. Her parents' names are unknown, as is her family's occupation.

We understand her desire to shield her family from the spotlight as someone who is constantly in the public eye.

Is Sterenn Le Guillou On Instagram?

Sterenn Le Guillou does not have a personal Instagram account. However, the Ahez band of which she is a part has only just recently signed up on the popular Social media platform. 

Less than four months since they joined the Instagram family, their account under the handle @ahezmusic has already gained over 8.3K followers. 

The group uploaded their first picture on February 17, the day it was announced they would represent France in Eurovision 2022.