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Who Is Steve Fletcher From Repair Shop? Wikipedia On Gardeners World Expert

Steve Fletcher works as a horologist, helping to fix and restore old clocks and watches
Steve Fletcher works as a horologist, helping to fix and restore old clocks and watches

The star of The repair shop, Steve Fletcher, has spoken about growing up and having to spend time with his grandparents due to a "rocky era" with his parents.

While The Repair Shop fans eagerly anticipate the new season, many have enjoyed reruns on BBC One. The duo has become a TV favorite due to how well-liked the touching program has evolved with viewers.

Suzie loved horses and dedicated her life to caring for them when her grandfather gave her a horse named Jess when she was young in exchange for Suzie taking good care of her.

Who Is Steve Fletcher From Repair Shop? 

Steven is a horologist who works in the repair shop and is an expert in clock maintenance and repair. He joined the BBC Workshop family in 2016 after the production team invited him to participate in the program.

In an interview with the BBC, he said: "In 2016, he got an email from a business He had never heard of asking whether I would be interested in appearing on a brand-new show.

Steve and his partner Mel
Steve and his partner Mel( Source : mylondon )

I was about to delete it because I don't trust anything I find online, but my partner Mel stopped me by saying everything appears to be okay. After I replied, Shane called me and informed me about the performance a little while later.

The host mentions his favorite segment from the BBC show and is proud of his work there. "I think most clocks are relatively simple, but the Beliard clock stands out because it turned into a nightmare. It had been damaged, and when we couldn't get the right kind of mainspring, it took considerably longer than anticipated, but once it was finished, it worked fantastically and was a fantastic clock.

More About Steve Fletcher Family

The Repair Shop is a BBC television program, and Steven and his sister Suzie both work there. In reality, Suzie was motivated to participate by Steve's role in the plan; she joined a year later.

Suzie clarified: Since [Steve] always seemed to be having a great time when he called, she playfully remarked, If they need somebody to do leather, I'm your gal. She thought you were joking, but after numerous calls and much encouragement from Steve, I decided to give it a shot and joined the team. I'm glad I did since this has been among the most pleasurable activities.

He is a resident of Oxfordshire in 2021 and has a distinguished professional history. He makes money as a social media influencer by advertising various Affiliate content and products on his Instagram account.

Steve Fletcher's Wife Helps Him On The Show

Steve and Mel have been partners for a long time. They reside in Whitney, near Steve's store, The Clock Workshop, which fixes watches and clocks.

Since his grandfather founded the company in Oxfordshire in 1910, it has been owned by the Fletcher family for three generations. Mel is not well-known, but the host acknowledges that she was instrumental in getting him the job on the BBC show.

In an interview with the BBC, Steve recalled receiving an email from a firm he had never heard of in 2016 asking if he would be interested in appearing on a brand-new show.

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