The Untold Truth We Know About Damien Dempsey's Wife

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Well-known Irish musician Damien Dempsey does not have a wife. Continue reading to know more about his plans for having a family. 

Damien Dempsey is an Irish singer-songwriter who blends traditional Irish folk music with contemporary lyrics. Due to financial constraints, musician Damien Dempsey will likely not have children even if he had a wife.

As a shy teenager who spent his time practicing his singing and guitar playing in his bedroom, he soon began writing his own songs. His family emboldened him to enter a song contest, and he placed second with his original song Cardboard City.

Who Is Damien Dempsey's Wife? Family Details

Damien Dempsey does not have a wife. Moreover, he is not likely to settle down as he feels he will have to give up music. He has adopted a pet dog of unknown origins into his family and is enjoying the life of a single man. 

The 46-year-old singer had made a statement three years ago that he would have to give up music and put down his guitar in favor of a more stable job in order to support his potential family financially. Furthermore, he would require the support of a wife. 

Dempsey grew up in Donaghmede, a Dublin suburb on the city's outskirts. His father worked as a panel beater, and his mother took up any jobs she found around town.  

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Damien Dempsey Net Worth - How Much Is He Worth? 

As an active singer-songwriter since 1995, Damien Dempsey is estimated to have a net worth of around $1 million. His primary income is through his shows and event bookings. 

As a singer, the only money worth having comes from live shows, which aren't consistent enough to provide a steady annual income. Some of Damien's talented musician friends have had to give up music because they can no longer afford to play it.

Dempsey is currently signed to FOUR FOUR, an Australian independent record label.

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Is Damien Dempsey On Instagram? Where Is He Now? 

Irish singer/songwriter Damien Dempsey is on Instagram under the handle @damiendempseymusic where he has managed to gain a whopping 21.7K followers. 

Damien is currently in Dingle, County Kerry, Ireland, for the live music series Other Voices. 

Once, when he was invited to a show based on tracing celebrities' ancestry, he learned about his family tree. The entire experience was eye-opening for him, as he discovered that his ancestors worked in cotton mills in the late 1800s.