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Tom Coughlin Family: Daughters Katie Coughlin, Keli Coughlin

Tom Coughlin is a former American football coach and executive.
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Tom Coughlin and his wife, Judy Coughlin, have two daughters, Keli and Katie Coughlin, and two sons Brian and Tim. 

Tom is a former football coach and executive, he supervised the New York Giants as their head coach from 2004 to 2015. 

He coached the football program at Boston College from 1991 to 1993 before starting his coaching career in the NFL.

In addition to coaching and leadership roles in college football, he held several coaching positions in the NFL. Coughlin received the Outstanding Civilian Service Award in 2012, the third-highest accolade given by the Department of the Army.

He was honored into the Giants' "Ring of Honor" during halftime of the Giants' game against the Cincinnati Bengals at MetLife Stadium.

Quick Facts About Tom Coughlin

Full NameThomas Richard Coughlin
Date Of BirthAugust 31, 1946
Place Of BirthWaterloo, New York
Height6 feet 2 inch
ParentsBetty Coughlin, John Louis Coughlin
DaughterKeli Coughlin and Katie Coughlin
SonBrian Coughlin and Tim Coughlin
Net Worth$16 million

Inside Tom Coughlin's Family And His Upbringing

Tom Coughlin was born to his parents, mother Betty Coughlin and father John Louis Coughlin, in Waterloo, New York. Tom is the oldest of seven siblings, with five younger sisters and one brother.

Tom was close to all five sisters: Christine Cohn, Carole Kingston, Luann Coughlin, Kathleen Troutman, and Patricia Reed. His younger brother John Coughlin passed away at Hackensack University Medical Center at 63.

Tom Coughlin was born to his parents, John Louis Coughlin and Betty Coughlin in 1946.
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The football coach played in basketball games against Jim Boeheim, a player for Lyons High School. When Coughlin served as the wide receivers coach for the Giants under Bill Parcells, he received guidance from Parcells.

He earned the nickname "Colonel Coughlin" since, like his mentor, he was a strict enforcer who paid close attention to every little thing. To make sure players were early for team meetings, he was known for setting the clocks at team facilities anywhere from five to fifteen minutes ahead.

His Brother John Coughlin Passed Away At The Age Of 63

Tom Coughlin's brother John Coughlin passed away at age 63 in a tragic accident after watching a New York Giants game. He fell out of a taxi in front of his Hackensack, N.J,  home after watching the Giants game. 

Tom Coughlin's brother John Coughlin(left) passed away after attending New York Giants game. He fell out of taxi in front of his Hackensack, N.J.
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John Coughlin worked in the harness racing industry in New Jersey for more than 20 years. He was both the owner and operator of Coughlin's Stables at the Meadowlands. 

He had formerly belonged to the New York Standardbred Owners Association and the New Jersey Standardbred Breeders and Owners Association.

Tom Has Four Children With His Wife, Judy Coughlin

Tom Coughlin and his wife Judy are blessed with four children, two daughters, Katie and Keli, and two sons, Brian and Tim. They have 11 grandchildren. 

Tom Coughlin's daughter Keli is the executive director of the Tom Coughlin Jay Fund Foundation.
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His daughter Keli is the executive director of the Tom Coughlin Jay Fund Foundation. Katie studied at Boston College, and she married former Giants lineman Chris Snee.

Tim Coughlin works in the New York office of Spencer Stuart's Financial Officer, Private Equity, and Boards practices. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in history from Colgate University and a Master of Business Administration with a specialty in finance from Boston College's Carroll School of Management.

Tom Coughlin's Wife Judy Coughlin Passed Away After A Rare Brain Disease

Judy Coughlin passed away on November 2, 2022, at 77, after a long battle with an incurable brain disorder. In July 2020, Judy was diagnosed with progressive supranuclear palsy, a chronic neurological condition that impairs speech, cognition, walking, and other bodily activities.

Judy Coughlin passed away at athe age of 77 as she suffers from brain disorder.
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Tom assumed full-time caregiving responsibilities due to Judy's health with the help of their four children and 11 grandchildren. Tom and Judy started dating while attending Waterloo High School in the Finger Lakes region of New York when Tom was a junior and Judy was a senior.

Before Judy graduated from Brockport State University, now known as SUNY Brockport, and before Tom started his junior year at Syracuse University, they married in 1967.

What We Know About Tom Coughlin Children

Tom Coughlin is the father of four children, daughters Keli Coughlin and Katie Coughlin, and sons Tim Coughlin and Brian Coughlin.

His oldest daughter Keli Coughlin works as the executive director for the Tom Coughlin Jay Fund.  

Tom Coughlin established the Jay Fund, officially known as the Tom Coughlin Jay Fund Foundation, in 1996, while coaching in Jacksonville, Florida.  The charity was established in honor of Boston College player Jay McGillis, who was diagnosed with leukemia while Coughlin was their head coach and passed away.

Tom Coughlin and his wife Judy Coughlin has two daughters and two sons.
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Keli Coughlin is married to her husband, Chris Joyce, and the couple is blessed with two children, Marin and Clara. Katie studied at Boston College, and she is happily married to her husband Chris Snee. The couple has four children together.

Tom Coughlin's son Tim worked for Morgan Stanley Dean Witter in an office on the 60th level of World Trade Center Two, and Brian Coughlin was a law student at the University of Florida,

Tim was there at the World Trade Center on 9/11. He was on the 44th floor walking down the stairs with the rest of the people who worked in that tower.

Brian explained everything to Tim, including the fact that the plane that hit the tower was a commercial airliner that had been hijacked by terrorists and that it wasn't the first plane that had deliberately crashed into a structure that day.

Even after being shocked, Tim and everyone else could not comprehend how the structure he was in could or would collapse.

Keli Coughlin Is Executive Director Of Tom Coughlin Jay Fund Foundation

Tom Coughlin's oldest daughter Keli Coughlin has been the CEO of the Tom Coughlin Jay Fund Foundation since 2004.

Keli is married to her husband, Chris Joyce, and has two children, Marin and Clara.

The eldest of four children, Keli Coughlin, was a college student when her father, a football coach at Boston College, came up with the concept for the Jay Fund. 

Keli Coughlin is the CEO of Tom Coughlin Jay Fund Foundation.
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She attended Auburn University from 1987 to 1991 to study exercise science and athletic training. From 1991 to 1993, she enrolled at Michigan State University to pursue a master's degree in exercise science and athletic training.

She started as the sole employee, operating from a desk and a phone in a nook of a donated office in Ponte Vedra Beach.

In 2007, Program Director Rita Mailie was the first employee the organization hired as it expanded. As Keli got to know some of the families, she developed a strong interest in the work of the Jay Fund. She began participating as a volunteer when the Jay Fund was only a golf event.

Tom Coughlin Daughter: Who Is Katie Coughlin?

Katie Coughlin is the youngest daughter of Tom Coughlin. 

She met her husband, Chris Snee, at Boston College. Her husband is a former football guard who worked under the guidance of her father in early 2000.

Katie, her husband Chris and children Walker and Cooper visit hospital to deliver holiday gifts in the name of the The Tom Coughlin Jay Fund.
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Katie and Chris got married in 2004 and have four kids together. The couple has been supportive of The Tom Coughlin Jay Fund. With her husband and kids, Katie visited a hospital to present holiday gifts on behalf of the Tom Coughlin Jay Fund.

The couple personally purchases the gifts and distributes them in a hospital wing where moods are immediately elevated after being given the ages and genders by the hospital in advance.

The objective of the Jay Fund is to "assist families battle childhood cancer by offering complete financial, emotional, and practical support." 

Tom Coughlin's Son In Law Is Former Football Guard

Tom Coughlin's son-in-law Chris Snee, is a former guard in American football. He spent his entire ten-year career with the National Football League's New York Giants.

In the 2004 NFL Draft, the Giants selected him in the second round after he played college football for Boston College. Snee won two championships with the Giants, defeating the New England Patriots in Super Bowls XLII and XLVI. He played football for the Boston College Eagles as a student at Boston College.

In his senior year at Boston College, he was named to The NFL Draft Report's second-team All-America and first-team All-Big East Conference. Snee sacrificed his last college year of eligibility to be available for the NFL Draft.

Chris Snee is son-in-law of Tom Coughlin and he was hired as an analyst under head coach Jeff Hafley.
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He reportedly agreed to a new six-year deal to his contract, keeping him a Giant through the 2014 campaign. The contract specified a basic salary of $41.25 million and guaranteed $17 million.

Snee received a signing bonus of $13.5 million and could earn a further $2 million in incentives. His base salary was $6.875 million per year, with $23 million available over the first three seasons.

Tom Coughlin was Snee's father-in-law and the New York Giants head coach at the draft time. He was hired as a scout for the Jacksonville Jaguars on May 30, 2017, by Tom Coughlin.

Some Facts About Chris Snee:

Full NameChristopher Snee
Date Of BirthJanuary 18, 1982
Place Of BirthEdison, New Jersey
MotherDiana Snee
FatherEd Snee
WifeKate Coughlin

Some FAQs

Who is Tom Coughlin's son-in-law Chris Snee?

Chris Snee is a former guard in football, and he spent his entire ten-year career with the National Football League's New York Giants.

Which was Tom Coughlin's first job as a head coach?

Tom Coughlin had his first head coaching job was at the Rochester Institute of Technology from 1970 to 1973.

Who is Tom Coughlin's daughter Katie married to?

Katie Coughlin is married to Chris Snee, former Giants lineman in 2004. The couple has four children together.

How many daughters does Tom Coughlin have?

Tom Coughlin and his wife Judy Coughlin have two daughters, Keli Coughin and Katie Coughlin.

How old is Tom Coughlin?

Tom Coughlin is 76 years old. He was born on August 31, 1946 in Waterloo, New York.