Does MontanaBlack Have Alzheimer Disease? Get To Know About The Youtuber's Health Condition

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Montana Black's full name is Marcel Thomas Andreas Eris, and fans want to know if he has Alzheimer's disease or not. He is a German-Turkish web video producer and live streamer who focuses on video games like B. Call of Duty, FIFA, and Fortnite.

He uploads his videos to YouTube many times a week and broadcasts them live on the live streaming video web Twitch. He has been the most popular German gaming live streamer on Twitch since 2018.

In 2020, he was once again one of Germany's most popular Twitch streamers.

Does MontanaBlack Have Alzheimer Disease?

MontanaBlack does not have Alzheimer's disease, and he is fit and healthy, continuing to work and upload videos to his YouTube account.

MontanaBlack began his online career as a vlogger on August 5, 2009, when he launched his channel. He posted videos on himself and various topics. He subsequently started a separate channel dedicated solely to his gaming abilities. He subsequently began streaming games on Twitch.

MontanaBlack's Youtube channel has over 1.63 million subscribers and has published over 500 videos.

'MontanaBlack88' Marcel Eris is a German variety streamer who, in September 2019, surpassed Twitch megastars such as Michael'shroud' Grzesiek to become the streaming platform's most subscribed channel.

However, the YouTube star has been climbing his way to the top since 2009, and he has an astounding narrative to share.

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MontanaBlack Age Revealed

MontanaBlack, a 31-year-old streamer from Buxtehude, Germany, was born in 1988 and had a difficult life. He used his YouTube account to express his story.

Eris was born in Buxtehude to a Turkish mother and a German father. His parents, however, divorced soon after he was born. He holds Turkish citizenship in addition to German citizenship.

Eris was hooked on marijuana, alcohol, and cocaine for several years before beating his addiction and speaking out against the risks of drug usage on his YouTube channel.

MontanaBlack, his biography, was published in March 2019 with the subtitle "From Junkie to YouTuber." For several weeks, the book was at the top of the nonfiction bestseller lists. MontanaBlack II: From YouTuber to Millionaire, the sequel to his biography, was published almost two years later.

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MontanaBlack Net Worth Details

MontanaBlack's net worth is estimated to be $1 million. One of the most successful and wealthy online players.

Initially, the Twitch celebrity played games such as Call of Duty and Nintendo's Mario Kart series. In 2019, though, his focus on Fortnite and FIFA helped to strengthen his Twitch viewership. His crowd loves his passionate attitude and rage-outs during games.

Meet MontanaBlack On Twitter

MontanaBlack uses the name GetOnMyLvL on Twitter, which he joined in March 2015. On Twitter, he has 1.2 million followers.

Eris shocked many when he declared on Twitter in September that he had surpassed Twitch megastars like shroud, Turner 'Tfue' Tenney, and Dr. Disrespect to become the platform's most subscribed channel.

In 2013, the German streamer launched a second YouTube channel named 'SpontanaBlack,' as well as a Twitch channel called 'MontanaBlack88,' which he used for gaming videos, to provide entertainment that was not related to his personal life.

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