UFC Star Jason Ellis Wife Katie Gilbert and Kids, Meet His Family

MMA Fighter Jason Ellis
MMA Fighter Jason Ellis( Source : fandom )

UFC star Jason Ellis and his wife Katie Gilbert have been happily married for over five years. 

Jason Ellis is an Australian radio personality famous for serving Sirus XM satellite radio. He worked for the broadcasting company for around 15 years, making himself a name in the media world. Besides, he is also a sports person, well-known for being a former professional skateboarder and auto racer. 

On top of that, he has also served the industry as a singer. No wonder he is the jack of all trades, accomplished in each field. Out of all his successful career, he is well-remembered for his fighting career, defeating the UFC veteran. To boot, people have also loved "The Jason Ellis Show." He hosted the show weekly, along with Kevin Kraft and Michael Tully.  

He has been active in the field since 1987, for more than three decades. Over the years, he has also co-authored the book titled "I'm Awesome: One Man's Triumphant Quest to Become the Sweetest Dude Ever" in 2013, and further in 2014, he co-authored "The Awesome Guide to Life." 

Likewise, he has also appeared in several films named "I'm A Super Huge (unit), Own It," "Ellismania," "The Woodsman," "Ninja Cheerleaders," and much more. Regardless of being a UFC star, he has taken the entertainment and media industry with charm and skill. 

No doubt, he is doing excellent in his career, with his fame getting hiked. However, has he been doing well in his romantic life too? Let's get to learn more about his personal lifestyle here. 

Jason Ellis Profile Summary

Birth date11 October 1971
Age50 years old
HometownMelbourne, Victoria, Australia
WifeKatie Gilbert
ChildrenTiger Lee Ellis and Devin Ellis
ParentsStephen Ellis and Lorraine Ellis
Height5ft 10 inches

UFC Star Jason Ellis Wife Katie Gilbert 

UFC star Jason Ellies married his wife Katie Gilbert in August 2017 after making their appearance together in December 2016 on the podcast show "This Life With Dr. Drew and Bob Forrest."

Before Katie, Jason was in a married relationship with his ex-wife Andrea Brown for around six years. The ex-pair tied a knot in 2006, only to get separated in 2012.   

Five years after separating from his ex-wife, Ellis hot hitched with his current partner Katie. Also, a year before they announced their wedding, he opened up about being bisexual, and after two years of getting married, he confirmed his identity.

Jason and Katie have been romantically involved for around ten years, although they were married for over four years. Within these years, the couple has stayed together and helped each other out in their rough days. After dating for around six years, Ellis finally proposed to Gilbert. 

Ellis previously revealed that his wife has not only been a great partner to him but has also helped him financially during the time when he left SiriusXM. The pair are also known for having an open relationship.  

Gilbert supported him emotionally when he struggled and helped him open up more and embrace himself. It was his current wife who helped to change his thoughts. He mentioned, "I'm married to a woman I love." Meanwhile, he also called himself "lucky" to be with a woman who has welcomed him for being himself. 

Jason Ellis and his wife Katie Gilbert have been married for over five years.
Jason Ellis and his wife Katie Gilbert have been married for over five years. ( Source : zimbio )

Unlike Jason's past relationship, his current bonding with his wife is precious and healthy. Both of them have accepted each other, with all their faults. Ellis has mentioned that his ex-wife was a stripper who didn't treat him well. Their relationship was unhealthy, and on top of that, he was struggling with his identity. 

Does Kids Jason Ellis Have Kids?

An Australian radio personality Jason Ellis has been active as a public figure for decades. He is a successful person with an accomplished career that has brought attention to himself and his family. 

He is a father of two kids from his ex-wife, Andrea Brown. Over the years, he has earned a fortune, which he and his family seem to enjoy. Ellis loves his son, Tiger Lee, and daughter, Devin Ellis, infinitely.

Jason remarried his current wife, Katie, after separating from his children's mother. Nevertheless, his spouse loves his kids as much as he does and has a great bonding. He often shares his happy memories with his kiddos on social media, and his followers love to see his updates. 

Who Is Jason Ellis Son? 

Jason Ellis's son Tiger Lee Ellis is his youngest son, who was born in 2009 to his ex-wife Andrea Brown. He is currently 13 years of age in 2022 and seems to be pursuing his education in school. 

He was around three years of age when his father and mother separated in 2013. The father and son often spent time together on vacation and shared their memories on social media. 

Jason often praised his son, mentioning, "he is very proud of him & the man he is becoming." He has become one of the favorites of his grandparents, Stephen Ellis and Lorraine Ellis; his uncles, Stevis Ellis and Lee Ellis; and his fan followers. 

The young boy has already impressed everyone with his charismatic personality and sweetness. 

Jason Ellis with his son
Jason Ellis with his son ( Source : instagram )

Who Is Jason Ellis Daughter?

Jason Ellis welcomed his daughter Devin Ellis in March 2005 with his ex-spouse Andrea Brown. His little is currently 17 years old and might be in her high school years. 

Jason loves his daughter, who is growing up day by day. In 2017, he shared his daughter's picture with his wife on social media with the caption, "My daughter, the love of my life Devin Ellis, with my wife, the woman I'll love for the rest of my life, Katie Ellis."

She is the firstborn in the family who grew up with his young sibling brother. Devin was seven years of age when her father and mother got separated. Regardless, she shares a close relationship with her dad and Katie. 

Jason Ellis wife with his daughter
Jason Ellis wife with his daughter ( Source : facebook )

Meet Jason Ellis Family

Jason Ellis was born on 11 October 1971 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, into his family. When he was 17 years old, he started his career in professional skateboarding and retired in 2006. 

His parents, Stephen Ellis and Lorraine Ellis share three children, with him being one of them. He grew up with his siblings Lee and Stevie; unfortunately, his younger brother Stevie passed away early at 24. 

Ellie had a rough time when he lost his brother Steve, who was close to him. He opened up about his addiction and sobriety in the podcast, "This Life with Dr. Drew and Bob Forrest." Moreover, he suffered from concussion in 2005 and couldn't make it to the final, although he finished it at tenth.

Besides his mom and dad, Jason also has a stepmother in the family.   He is a very private person when it comes to his loved ones. 

He has now built his own family with his wife and children, who loved him to the core. As a successful person, Ellie lives a healthy life with his loved ones, sharing a comfortable lifestyle. 

Jason Ellis at Indianapolis Motor Speedway
Jason Ellis at Indianapolis Motor Speedway ( Source : nydailynews )

MMA Fighter Jason Ellis Net Worth In 2022

Jason Ellis estimated net worth is roughly $8 million, with an expected salary of $2 million, as per Celebrity Net Worth. He is a well-known radio personality and MMA artist. 

Besides, Elli is known for his multiple careers. He is a former professional skateboarder, singer, and auto racer, who has also made his appearance in different films. He previously hosted "The Jason Ellis Show" for around 15 years, from 2005 to 2020. 

On top of that, he also founded a comedy rock metal band and became its singer. In 2009, he won the fight against his opponent, Tony Gianopulos, and later in 2017, he got victory over Gabe Rivals through submission. 

Radio personality Jason Ellis
Radio personality Jason Ellis ( Source : muscleandfitness )

Ellis' MMA journey started in California, in the Team Quest Camp, and further, he trained at Fortune Boxing Gym with Justin Fortune, enhancing his skills and technique. Nevertheless, his earnings from a radio host contribute to most of his fortune.

He is now a renowned and one of the wealthiest radio personalities. Aside from all that, he also published books that became one of best-selling in the market. 

Some FAQs

How Old Is Jason Ellis?

Jason Ellis is currently 50-years-old and soon will be 51 years of age.

Who Is Jason Ellis Wife?

Jason Ellis is married to his wife Katie Gilbert.

How Many Children Does Jason Ellis Have?

Jason Ellis have two children, a son and a daughter from his ex-wife.

Did Jason Ellis Have Children With His Second Wife Katie Gilbert?

No, Jason Ellis doesn't share any children with his second wife yet.

How Much Is Jason Ellis Net Worth?

Jason Ellis expected net worth is approximately $million.