Who Is Vincent Lim Singapore TikTok? Net Worth and More

Vincent Yeow Lim is a TikTok content maker and professional chef who uses the app to show off his culinary skills. 

On the tiktok platform, he has over 1.3 million loyal fans. With his "KFC Chicken and Rice" video tutorial, he made his TikTok debut in 2019.

Likewise, His "Flying Noodle" video tutorial became viral in June of 2021, with more than 6 million cumulative views.

In his TikTok bio, he mentions Bruce Lee, the famous martial arts actor. Moreover, let's know about this amazing cook through this article.

Who Is Vincent Lim Singapore TikTok?

Dimsimlim, a.k.a. Dimsimlim Vincent Yeow Lim, is an Australian "Wolf of Wok Street" and one of Tiktok's most popular creators. He was born in Temple, Texas, but migrated to Sydney, Australia, when he was a child. 

Similarly, he was born on 7th October 1994 and is around 28 years old as of now.

In the Blue Mountains, he owns Lawson Chinese Restaurant. He is exploding on social media, and the majority of his videos are about food, which has gotten him a lot of attention and adoration.

Dimsimlim received his bachelor's degree from Curtin University in 2016. He also handled commercial cooking, management, and catering at Perth International Airport.

In addition to that, He later worked as a chef for Emirates First and Business Class Lounges. After a few years, he launched his own restaurant, "Lawson Chinese in the Blue Mountains," after a few years.

Lim's recipes have been praising the hack and bombarding the chef with comments begging him to reveal the recipe.

Moreover, The meal is the second in KFC's new Kentucky Fried Cookin' series, which will see the company partner with well-known Australian chefs and foodies on a variety of innovative dishes that 'hack' their classic menu items.

Vincent Lim Net Worth As of 2022

Vincent Yeow Lim is a cook by profession, and his platform of tiktok and restaurant has created his fortune in earning his daily revenues.

However, his earnings are not yet detailly disclosed, but due to his popularity, it seems that he is doing quite well in his cooking and significantly earning activity.

Similarly, his fans can explore his extravagant life on social media, which shows his hefty amount of networth.

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Who Are Vincent Lim Family Members?

Vincent Yeow Lim, a web celebrity's personal details are not much available on the Internet but his social media reflects something.

Even though, Lim has not shared his family picture but has shared his father's photo, which shows that, sadly, he is no more.

Since he is famous and well-known to people for his skills, he may soon reveal more of his personal information as per his fan's & followers' demands.