Who Is Vivitarantino96 On TikTok? Age and Real Name On Influencer

( Source : Instagram )

Vivitarantino96 has gained a lot of followers on TikTok. Learn what we know about her.

Vivitarantino96 is a social media model who is famous for her cosplay and her physique.

She has quicky caught attention of many people people and has become popular.

Who Is Vivitarantino96 On TikTok? 

Vivitarantino96 is a social media model and has joined TikTok too.

She has over 40k followers on her account. Meanwhile, she has posted only 36 TikTok to her account.

Most of her TikTok are short clips of her showing her outfit. She seems to be into anime and games as she has gaming set up in her room.

She is also frequently seen wearing anime merch and posting anime cosplay. Currently, she is 20k shy of reaching 200k followers.

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Vivitarantino96 Age & Real Name Explored

Vivitarantino96 seems to be in her mid-20s based on her appearance.

She has not spoken about her name details exactly, but we guess her real first name could be Vivi.

Vivi is available is Twitter TikTok and Instagram too. She is quite famous has she has over 30k followers on each of her accounts.

In every of her account, she posts similar content and has been quite successful at it. Also, she is available on Only fans too.

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Meet Vivitarantino96 On Instagram

Vivitarantino96 is available on Instagram as Vivitarantino96.

She has the highest followers count her IG profile with 452k followers.

Vivi post similar content on Instagram as she does on her other social media profile.

She is very confident and does not shy away of showing of her body and has achieved great fan following from it.

She also has another IG profile available with the username onlyvivitarantino.