Who Is Blair Hickey? Meet His Wife Lily Serna & Baby

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Blair Hickey is the fiancé of the well-known TV presenter and mathematician Lily Serna. Let us find out more about Hickey.

Blair Hickey was announced as one of the latest Ambassadors by Wandering Warriors to join the Wandering Warriors team on April 7, 2020.

Wandering Warriors was founded as a charity conducting fundraising events for veteran causes by Queensland bases SAS veterans. In 2015, the Wandering Warriors became a public company with a national reach.

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Who Is Blair Hickey? Wikipedia And Bio

Blair Hickey is the fiancé and soon-to-be husband of the mathematician Lily Serna. Unfortunately, Hicky is not available on the official domain of the Wikipedia page. Here is everything you might want to know about Serna's fiancé.

Blair had a high tempo ten-year plus career in the Australian Army, including various deployments to East Timor and Afghanistan with SASR. He started a successful veteran-owned business "Omega Dev Group" in 2016.

Omega Dev Group helps provide military and law enforcement agencies with specialized equipment and capability. Blair also consults and offers tactical instructions to the ADF and other government agencies.

Hickey is a passionate and active veteran on the Northern Beaches who is involved in awareness programs with RSL. According to Wandering Warriors, he has been a strong team supporter over the years.

Blair Hickey Age Revealed

Blair Hickey's age might be around the mid-30s. His exact age of his is yet to be revealed. However, on September 14, 2017, Lily Serna's fiancé of Blair posted a picture of themselves wishing him Happy Birthday.

Thus, it is obvious that Hickey was born on the 14th of September, the birth year is still behind the curtains.

Blair has been a number one supporter of the Wandering Warriors for several years now and regularly participates in the Annual Memorial Warrior Cup Charity Cricket game. 

Blair Hickey Fiancé Lily Serna & Baby

Blair Hickey's fiancé Lily Serna is an Australian mathematician and television presenter. Together they have welcomed a beautiful baby in late 2019.

In 2019, Blair and Lily got engaged at Surprise Bay during the hike in Tasmania. In an Instagram post of Serna, she captioned, "We are getting married. On the 5th day of our hike, Blair got down on one knee at the most beautiful beach, Surprise Bay, and asked me to marry him."

Serna is known for co-presenting the SBS game shows Letters and Numbers and Celebrity Letters and Numbers as well as a cooking show named Destination Flavour. Blair's to-be wife is also a data analyst for the Atlassian in Sydney. 

A mother and soon to be a wife, Serna has also published her own book called Lily's Number Puzzles and Curious: Life Hacks Through Maths.

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