Who Is Dr. Jamie Christie From Independent Party? Bean Election Campaign And Details To Follow

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Dr. Jamie Christie, of the Independent Party, is standing as an Independent because he thinks political parties and pressure groups have undue influence on them.

Jamie and Tim are optimists wonderful optimists, you might say and they feel it is still worthwhile to run in an election in which it is difficult to succeed.

They are the only two true independents running in ACT electorates for the House of Representatives. The other candidates are sponsored by political parties and their funds.

Jamie Christie has become tired of party politics as it is done in our nation, as well as the pressure organizations that wield disproportionate influence over the main political parties.

The parties appear to polarize on practically every subject, sometimes simply for the sake of polarization, and I wonder if the average voter isn't becoming tired of the entrenched interests that unfairly influence the parties.

Who Is Dr. Jamie Christie From Independent Party? Wikipedia

As per Wikipedia, Dr. Jamie Christie is one of the real independents running for the ACT House of Representatives.

Few, including Dr. Christie, believe he has a chance of unseating Labor in the Bean electorate. According to a recent YouGov survey, he received 17% of the primary vote for the seat, compared to 44% for Labor and 24% for the Liberals.

He believes that if he can persuade enough people to give him their second choice, he will be elected. Both candidates consider themselves outsiders who can help society as citizens. Winning the seat will be a fantastic accomplishment, but simply having an effect would also be a victory.

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Find Out The Age Of Dr. Jamie Christie

Speaking of his age, Dr. Jamie Christie might be in his late fifties or early sixties, as there are no exact age details about him.

Jamie estimates that the expense of campaigning will be roughly $100,000. However, he will receive some money back from the Electoral Commission based on how many votes he receives, so he will be $30,000 out of his wallet in the end.

His long-service right as a doctor contributed to some of the funds. Instead of taking time off, he used the money to help the cause.

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Explore The Family Background Of Dr. Jamie Christie

People are curious about the family background of an Independent candidate Dr. Jamie Christie. His grandfather arrived in Canberra in 1927, and his father was born here as well. Garran was the last suburb his family relocated to.

He's Yabbied at Angle Crossing, tented along Paddy's River, barbequed at Pine Island, and also gone on the school trip to Tidbinbilla to be harassed by emus.

Jamie returned to work as a junior doctor at Canberra Hospitals in 1990 and subsequently went on to become a specialty Emergency Doctor.