Who Is Fidelis Anosike? Details We Know About His Dating Life

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Many admirers of Fidelis Anosike are curious to find the details of his first wife. Let's have a details review of it below.

Anosike has had a successful career, having bought the Daily Times Nigeria. In 2007, when the old owner's organization was shut down by the government. The government forced the closure of the Daily Times Nigeria, launched in 1926.

Who Is Fidelis Anosike First Wife?

Fidelis Anosike was previously married to two women. But unfortunately, they got divorced. The entrepreneur hasn't revealed the identities of his previous two marriages.

He has been married twice throughout his life. Both of their marriages ended in divorce.

Rita Dominic shared an odd photo on Instagram's official account lately. Her followers were taken aback when she announced her long-awaited wedding to Fidelis Anosike.

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Fidelis Anosike Wikipedia

Fidelis Anosike's biography has yet to appear on the official Wikipedia page.

Anosike founded Folio Media Group, a multi-media company that owns the Daily Times Nigeria, Nigeria's oldest and most prominent newspaper, which was founded in 1926.

After completing his primary and secondary education, he was accepted into the prestigious University of Benin.

The business owner earned a Bachelor of Arts in Creative & Applied Fine Arts. He's also a graduate of Harvard Business School.

Find Fidelis Anosike Age In 2022

Fidelis Anosike has 56 years on this planet. In the year 1966, he was born.

After graduating from the University of Benin, Anosike launched Folio Communications Limited at the age of 24.

Folio Communications PLC, Times Multimedia, 1st October, and Folio Investment and Trading Company are among the group's subsidiaries.

The Daily Times of Nigeria newspaper, the Miss Nigeria contest, The Times Heroes Award, and the Nigeria Our Heritage Grand book are all controlled by the corporation through these businesses.

What Is Fidelis Anosike Net Worth?

An entrepreneur's net worth is estimated to be between $1 and $2 million.

However, it is an estimate based on a few sources rather than a confirmed net worth. As a result, we can't say for certain what the entrepreneur's current net worth is.

He is currently earning from his firm, Folio Media Group. He hasn't opened up his other income sources with his followers.

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