Now & Then: Who Is Julie Slack? Meet The Multi-Talented Persona

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Julie Slack from Now & Then is an actress and director. Stick with us to know more about the actress' age, ethnicity, and family background.

Julie Slack is well known for her work in The Resident, Strong Enough, and the new upcoming series "Now & Then" which is set to premiere on May 20th, 2022.

Julie instinctively and technically knows how to bring out the best in your words, story, and vision so that your message reverberates with your core consumers.

Who Is Julie Slack From Now & Then? 

Julie Slack, an actress, has just worked alongside Rosie Perez on Apple TV’s new series, "Now & Then," executive produced and directed by Gideon Raff.

Now & Then is a thriller that highlights the contrasts between youthful aspirations and the actuality of adulthood. The lives of a group of college companions are forever changed after a celebratory weekend ends up with one of them dead, as per IMDb.

Julie is also a voiceover artist, host, and filmmaker. As a voiceover artist, she has done a range of voiceovers from millennial to comedic to sexy and even corporate narration.

The actress has also won two Best Actress Awards from The Independent Shorts Awards and Mindfield Film Festival. In the short film "Tree Game," which Julie wrote and directed, her role as Samantha earned her a Nomination for Best Actress at Fort Myers Beach Film Festival.

Julie Slack Age And Ethnicity

Julie Slack's age is about 39/40. She might be in her late 30s or early 40s by looking at her picture.

Slack's ethnicity might be American. However, both the age and ethnicity mentioned in this article are just an assumption as she has not spoken about this matter openly to the public.

Julie Slack Husband & Family Background 

Julie Slack, the multi-talented persona, has revealed that she is a wife but has not mentioned her husband's name or any detail regarding her husband.

Moreover, she has not provided any information regarding her family. The actress also does not post pictures of her family on any social media platforms.

Nevertheless, Julie shared a picture of her son, which was the first post on her Instagram account, captioning the picture "1st Halloween 2011. Mr. T."

On April 26, 2019, the artist shared a picture of her and her son. The picture was captioned, "My name is Julie Slack. And I realized that I probably haven’t been that open with you so far."

"So yes, by now, maybe you’ve figured out that I’m an Actress. A Voiceover Artist. And an On-Camera Host. But have I made it evident that I’m a Mom? I probably haven’t because I’m too scared to share photos of my children online," further added on the post Julie shared.