Who Is Ken Appledorn Husband Jorge Cadaval? Meet The Sweet Couple

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Ken Appledorn's husband, Jorge Cadaval, is a humorist and a member of a Spanish comedian duo, Los Morancos.

Birth name Kenneth James Appledorn is an American actor well known for his role in the movie Casting and The Extraordinary Tale of the Times Table.

For his splendid acting in Casting, the actor won the award for the best secondary actor, and for his role in The Extraordinary Tale of the Times Table, Ken was nominated as best Spanish actor in the Andalucian Film Awards.

Ken has also starred in numerous television including Now and Then, Elite, The Refugees, The Avatars, and many more. The Imposter, Brain Drain, and Malnazidos are some of his famous movies.

Who Is Ken Appledorn Husband Jorge Cadaval?

Ken Appledorn's husband Jorge Cadaval was born in October 8, 1960 to Juan Cadaval López and María Pérez Montané in Seville, Andalusia, Spain.

Birth name Jorge Alejandro Cadaval Pérez is a comedian and humorist. His artistic career is linked to that of his younger brother César since they formed the comedy duo Los Morancos.

Since the mid-1980s, after touring the towns of Andalusia, they gained popularity through television. Characters played by Cadaval, such as the exaggerated spinster Antonia or Belén Esteban, along with others recreated by his brother César, became quite notable.

In 1992 Jorge and his brother embarked on the cinema and made the movie Sevilla Connection turvina's, where they also partook as screenwriters, according to Wikipedia.

Ken and Jorge met at Seville when Ken was in Spain for filming various series. "It was by chance we met one night in Seville. At first, I was not in love with Ken, but since I liked to speak a lot of English, we started talking," Jorge described their love story. They got married in Sevilla, Spain, in 2007.

Why Don't Ken Appledorn And Jorge Cadaval Have Children?

Unfortunately, Ken Appledorn and Jorge Cadaval are not able to have children, and the reasons behind it are now known.

Jorge and his brother Cesar Cadaval sat in "Saturday Deluxe" and revealed the truth. When Maria Patiño asked if he ever wanted to be a father and in reply, Jorge spoke with utmost sincerity, "the thing has been there, is that I have 14 nephews whom I adore."

Further, Jorge added, "when I wanted to have a child, I dedicated myself to being with my mother because she needed me, a brother died too, and I believed that at that moment it was more important to be by my mother's side."

Ken Appledorn Net Worth 2022

Ken Appledorn has an estimated net worth of around one hundred thousand to one million as of 2022. Being a famous actor has undoubtedly helped him to gain a lot of money.

After graduating, Ken traveled to Sevilla, Spain, and studied theatre at Teatro Viento Sur and El Centro Andaluz de Teatro (CAT).

Ken began appearing in several Spanish television series and had a secondary character in the series "¡Qué buen puntito!" alongside Spain's best comedian duo, Los Morancos.