Who Is Ogulcan Arman Uslu? Meet The Actor Of Three Thousand Years of Longing

Meet The Actor Of Three Thousand Years of Longing, Ogulcan Arman Uslu who will be showcasing his amazing acting skills in the upcoming drama.

The main storyline of the romance drama is how, on a vacation to Istanbul, a lonely scholar meets a Djinn who grants her three desires in exchange for his freedom. Here, Ogulcan Arman Uslu will be portraying the role of 4. Murad.

Learn more about the actor through his social media handle as well. Find him on Instagram, through his username @ogulcanarmanuslu.

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Who Is Ogulcan Arman Uslu? Wikipedia Age

Ogulcan Arman Uslu is a very renowned actor. Currently, information about him is not mentioned on Wikipedia yet.  

However, he is briefly mentioned along with his work credentials on the IMDb page.

Ogulcan looks like he is somewhere in his 30s, which may or may not be true since the actor has not said anything about it.

Despite his social media handles, the actor has kept information about himself quite personal, which makes his well-wishers really curious about him.

According to his IMDb profile, the actor has been credited for five projects as an actor. Still, many of them are yet to some.

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Ogulcan Arman Uslu Family Background & Ethnicity Explored

Ogulcan Arman Uslu grew up with his family and loved ones surrounding him. Still, details about their ethnic group are yet to be known.

He was born and brought up in Turkey by his parents.

Although information about his parents is unknown still, they must be very proud of the actor's achievements.

Meanwhile, the actor is in a happy relationship with his girlfriend, and he has been in one for quite a long time now. 

Uslu has always been interested in acting ever since he was small

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More On Ogulcan Arman Uslu Net Worth Details

Ogulcan Arman Uslu might have a net worth of somewhere around a million dollars, or maybe more than this. 

Since the actor has not disclosed information about his earnings, his exact salary is yet to be known.

I Was, I Am, I Will Be that, released in the year 2019, Three Thousand Years of Longing in 2022, and The Ignorant Angels in 2022, are among the films in which Ogulcan Arman Uslu has acted. 

A lot of his other projects are yet to come, which is making his fans even more curious.

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