Who Was Traffic Jam Jimmy Aka James Uhrin? Death Of Baltimore TV Icon Shocks Fans And Family

The famous Broadcaster Traffic Jam Jimmy Death has been confirmed, and even his family has come forward and shared the death cause. Read along to find out.

Traffic Jam Jimmy Aka James Uhrin was one of the favorite broadcasters of Baltimore.

In the "Captain Chesapeake" episode, Uhrin first appeared as Mondy the Sea Monster in the Baltimore area.

Most recently, he went by the moniker "Traffic Jam" Jimmy, guiding traffic across the Baltimore beltway every morning.

During his time at FOX 45, Uhrin did almost everything else at the station, including directing, editing, and recording advertisements.

Traffic Jam Jimmy Aka James Uhrin Cause Of Death

Traffic Jam Jimmy's cause of death was reported to be a heart attack, as shared by the sun.

His family stated that he died of a heart attack.

He was 65 years at the time of his death. His death has been heavy on many people as he was a loved person.

Jimmy was one of the best broadcasters. A credit to his profession and one of the best human beings I've ever worked with stated Sinclair Broadcast Group Executive Chairman David Smith.

 Vice President of News Scott Livingston stated, "Jimmy had an incredible talent for bringing out the best in everyone." Uhrin adored his family, colleagues, and the city of Baltimore. "He was one of a kind with a golden heart," 

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Who Was Traffic Jam Jimmy Aka James Uhrin?

James Uhrin, aka Traffic Jam jimmy, was a Television icon as he caught fame for guiding drivers around the Baltimore beltway every morning of his career.

In 1976, Uhrin began working at FOX45. He was a student at Julian Smith's Sinclair Broadcast Group electronics school.

He began working part-time for Smith, assisting in the construction of the FOX 45 that viewers see today. In 2012, Uhrin joined the news team.

Once there, Uhrin would cover community activities and help cars navigate the difficult morning commute.

Uhrin dressed up as Santa Claus and visited ailing children in Baltimore hospitals every holiday season.

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